Index of Items by Sources - Ghostwalk


Name Family Category SubCategory Price
Absorbing Armor Ability     +3 bonus 
Banisher of Nightmares Weapons     18310 gp 
Blood of Orcus Wondrous     3300 gp 
Bloodsweets Wondrous     50 gp 
Bone Ring Ring     36000 gp 
Bone Sword  Weapons     18310 gp 
Bonecrushers Weapons   Ammunition  366 gp 
Breastplate of Kaltar Armor and Shields Armor    25350 gp 
Chain of Tephaneron Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  9000 gp 
Chains of Shield Other Wondrous     2200 gp 
Cloak of Blackflame Wondrous     11800 gp 
Crash Weapons     16315 gp 
Diamond Eye Circlet Wondrous     2000 gp 
Dracanite Helm Wondrous     12000 gp 
Driftwood Amulet Wondrous     7400 gp 
Due Process Weapons     37315 gp 
Durann's Vestment Wondrous     22000 gp 
Enemy Spirit Pouch Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  2100 gp 
Energy Drain Armor Ability     +2 bonus 
Fate of the Undevoured Weapons     18315 gp 
Feather Mask Wondrous     14500 gp 
Figurine of Wondrous Power - Bone Ape Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  10000 gp 
Figurine of Wondrous Power - Jet Serpent Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  12000 gp 
Figurine of Wondrous Power - Pearl Octopus Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  5000 gp 
First Thaw Weapons     12500 gp 
Flesh of Orcus Wondrous     6000 gp 
Ghost Bane Weapon Ability     +2 bonus 
Glove of the Master Strategist  Wondrous     3600 gp 
Green Tooth Necklace Wondrous     26000 gp 
Holoran's Chainmail Armor and Shields Armor    36300 gp 
Ioun Stone - Clear Teardrop Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  4000 gp 
Kihanam's Mace Weapons     18312 gp 
Kisses of Traagash Weapons   Ammunition  366 gp 
Lawkeeper's Lock Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  12100 gp 
Living Mask Wondrous     400 gp 
Mace of Undead Prowess Weapons     7812 gp 
Maladur's Warhammer Weapons     35912 gp 
Mithral Bells Wondrous Instrument    3700 gp 
Necklace of Skulljewels Wondrous     7000 gp 
Negative Energy Protection Armor Ability     +2 bonus 
Nessek's Crown Wondrous     20000 gp 
Oathkeeper Weapons     29312 gp 
Oil of Animate Dead Potion     1550 gp 
Paladincutter Weapons     32320 gp 
Patient Lesson Weapons     11900 gp 
Phaant's Luckstone Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  1000 gp 
Pouch of Purest Earth Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  4000 gp 
Rapid Wrath Weapons   Ranged Weapons  11702 gp 
Ring of Manifesting Ring     10000 gp 
Screaming Weapon Ability     +1 bonus 
Seven Crowns Wondrous   Artifact   
Sharkjaw Weapons     18312 gp 
Skullmarble Weapons   Ammunition  25 gp 
Snakebiter Weapon Ability     +2 bonus 
Spiritwarder Weapons     4510 gp 
Staff of Bonefriend Staff     17000 gp 
Staff of Ectoplasm Staff     20000 gp 
Staff of Undead Slaying Staff     36000 gp 
Starfire Weapons   Artifact   
Torturous Weapon Ability     +1 bonus 
Truesilver Weapon Ability     +1 bonus 
Undead Disrupting Armor Ability     +2 bonus 
Vampiric Weapon Ability     +2 bonus 
Venomous Weapon Ability     +1 bonus 
Wanderer's Boots Wondrous     7800 gp 
War's Armor Weapons     6310 gp 
War's Craft Weapons     20308 gp 
White Robe of the Ghostwarden Wondrous     10000 gp