Index of Items by Slot - Head

Admiral's Bicorne
Aoxar's Helm
Astral Legion
Beast psicrown
Beholder Crown
Bird Feather Headdress
Braid of Dire Shifting
Braid of Dream Path
Braid of Silver
Braid of Spellstrike
Camellia of the Black Lady
Cautious Warrior
Chylnoth's Coronet
Circlet of Persuasion
Circlet of Seven Serpents
Cowl of Warding
Crown of Horns
Crown of Narfell
Crown of Steady Rulership
Diadem of Focused Passage
Diadem of Sharpened Senses
Diamond Eye Circlet
Discerning Watcher
Dracanite Helm
Dragontear Crown
Drake Helm - socket 1
Drake Helm - socket 2
Drake Helm - socket 3
Drake Helm - socket 4
Evader, Crown of
Executioner's Hood
Fiery Ruin
Fiery Ruin, Crown of
Gossamer Assailant
Great Dominator
Great Dominator, Crown of
Hat of Anonymity
Hat of Disguise
Headband of Conscious Effort
Headband of Epic Intellect +10
Headband of Epic Intellect +12
Headband of Epic Intellect +8
Headband of Ferocity
Headband of Intellect +2
Headband of Intellect +4
Headband of Intellect +6
Headband of Perfect Excellence
Headband of the Binder
Helm - Platinum
Helm of Bonding
Helm of Brilliance
Helm of Comprehend Languages and Read Magic
Helm of Darkness
Helm of Gazes
Helm of Glorious Recovery
Helm of Opposite Alignment
Helm of Telepathy
Helm of Teleportation
Helm of the Purple Plume
Helm of the Sentinel
Helm of Underwater Action
Helm of Vision
Horned Helm
Major Circlet of Blasting
Marlspire of Najara
Metamagic Rod of Chaining, greater
Minor Circlet of Blasting
Naga Crown
Nessek's Crown
Phoenix Helm
Phylactery of the Priesthood - greater
Phylactery of the Priesthood - lesser
Planar Helm
Regalia of Evil - Crown
Regalia of Good - Crown
Regalia of Neutrality - Crown
Seven Crowns
Shroud of Oblivion
Stgian Diabolis
Sunphelm of Shandaular
Temporal Juggler
The First Imaskarcana
Topaz Diadem