Power Points20
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typesmart
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White Machine
BattleRaises the user's Special Defense by one stage. User's Electric moves have doubled power next turn.
ContestIf the last Pokemon's appeal is the same type as this move, user earns six points instead of two.

See detailed breeding chart.

Rotom Electric Fire 57
Rotom Electric Water 57
Rotom Electric Ice 57
Rotom Electric Flying 57
Rotom Electric Grass 57
Pikachu Electric P
Raichu Electric P
Voltorb Electric 1
Electrode Electric 1 P
Zapdos Electric Flying 36
Chinchou Water Electric 50
Lanturn Water Electric 64 P
Pichu Electric E
Mareep Electric 23 E
Flaaffy Electric 25 P
Ampharos Electric 25 P
Electrike Electric 44
Manectric Electric 54 P
Plusle Electric 38
Minun Electric 38
Shinx Electric 9
Luxio Electric 9 P
Luxray Electric 1 P
Luxray Electric 9 P
Pachirisu Electric E
Rotom Electric Ghost 57
Blitzle Electric 8
Zebstrika Electric 1 P
Zebstrika Electric 8 P
Emolga Electric Flying 10
Klink Steel 6
Klang Steel 1 P
Klang Steel 6 P
Klinklang Steel 1 P
Klinklang Steel 6 P
Thundurus Electric Flying 55