Power Points10
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typecute
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White Machine
BattleTarget sleeps at the end of the next turn.
ContestAttempts to make all following Pokemon nervous (and thus unable to appeal).

See detailed breeding chart.

Squirtle Water E
Wartortle Water P
Blastoise Water P
Psyduck Water E
Golduck Water P
Slowpoke Water Psychic 1
Slowbro Water Psychic 1 P
Eevee Normal E
Vaporeon Water P
Jolteon Electric P
Flareon Fire P
Snorlax Normal 20
Togepi Normal 13
Togetic Normal Flying 13 P
Wooper Water Ground 29
Quagsire Water Ground 31 P
Espeon Psychic P
Umbreon Dark P
Slowking Water Psychic 1 P
Dunsparce Normal 8
Teddiursa Normal E
Ursaring Normal P
Slugma Fire 1
Magcargo Fire Rock 1 P
Kingdra Water Dragon 1
Mudkip Water E
Marshtomp Water Ground P
Swampert Water Ground P
Poochyena Dark E
Mightyena Dark P
Slakoth Normal 1
Vigoroth Normal P
Slaking Normal 1 P
Gulpin Poison 6
Swalot Poison 1 P
Swalot Poison 6 P
Numel Fire Ground E
Camerupt Fire Ground P
Torkoal Fire E
Chimecho Psychic 25
Spheal Ice Water E
Sealeo Ice Water P
Walrein Ice Water P
Relicanth Water Rock 22
Piplup Water E
Prinplup Water P
Empoleon Water Steel P
Bidoof Normal 25
Bibarel Normal Water 28 P
Shellos Water E
Gastrodon Water Ground P
Hippopotas Ground 13
Hippowdon Ground 1 P
Hippowdon Ground 13 P
Togekiss Normal Flying P
Leafeon Grass P
Glaceon Ice P
Uxie Psychic 31
Tepig Fire E
Pignite Fire Fighting P
Emboar Fire Fighting P
Lillipup Normal E
Herdier Normal P
Stoutland Normal P
Purrloin Dark E
Liepard Dark P
Pansear Fire 16
Simisear Fire P
Munna Psychic 7
Musharna Psychic P
Audino Normal E
Darumaka Fire E
Darmanitan Fire P
Cubchoo Ice E
Beartic Ice P
Shelmet Bug 25
Accelgor Bug P
Stunfisk Ground Electric E