Index of Spells by Level - HotD 1

School Casting Time Source Book
Save - Res Level Comps
Dur Range Recharge
Expensive Focus
Expensive Material
XP Cost
Full Description
Cure Light Wounds
Conjuration (Healing) [Positive] 1 standard action SRD
Will half (harmless); see text - Yes (harmless); see text Adp 1, APeace 1, Arc 1, Blk 1, Brd 1, BVal 1, ChamGwyn 1, Clr 1, Drd 1, EmBarachiel 1, Healing 1, Hlr 1, HotD 1, Pal 1, Rgr 2, Shu 1 V, S
Instant Touch General
Target: Creature touched

Cures 1d8 damage +1/level (max +5).

When laying your hand upon a living creature, you channel positive energy that cures 1d8 points of damage +1 point per caster level (maximum +5).

Since undead are powered by negative energy, this spell deals damage to them instead of curing their wounds. An undead creature can apply spell resistance, and can attempt a Will save to take half damage.

Hide from Undead
Abjuration [Ectomancy] 1 standard action SRD
Will negates (harmless); see text - Yes APeace 1, Arc 1, Clr 1, HotD 1, Life 1, Repose 1 V, S, DF
10 min./level (D) Touch 4 hours
Targets: One touched creature/level

Undead can't perceive one subject/level.

Undead cannot see, hear, or smell the warded creatures. Even extraordinary or supernatural sensory capabilities, such as blindsense, blindsight, scent, and tremorsense, cannot detect or locate warded creatures. Nonintelligent undead creatures are automatically affected and act as though the warded creatures are not there. An intelligent undead creature gets a single Will saving throw. If it fails, the subject can't see any of the warded creatures. However, if it has reason to believe unseen opponents are present, it can attempt to find or strike them. If a warded creature attempts to turn or command undead, touches an undead creature, or attacks any creature (even with a spell), the spell ends for all recipients.

Magic Stone
Transmutation 1 standard action SRD
Will negates (harmless, object) - Yes (harmless, object) Arc 1, Artificer 1, Clr 1, Drd 1, Earth 1, Halfling 1, HotD 1, Shu 1 V, S, DF
30 minutes or until discharged Touch 5 minutes
Targets: Up to three pebbles touched

Three stones gain +1 on attack, deal 1d6 +1 damage.

You transmute as many as three pebbles, which can be no larger than sling bullets, so that they strike with great force when thrown or slung. If hurled, they have a range increment of 20 feet. If slung, treat them as sling bullets (range increment 50 feet). The spell gives them a +1 enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls. The user of the stones makes a normal ranged attack. Each stone that hits deals 1d6+1 points of damage (including the spells enhancement bonus), or 2d6+2 points against undead.

Magic Weapon
Transmutation 1 standard action SRD
Will negates (harmless, object) - Yes (harmless, object) Arc 1, Artificer 1, Blk 1, ChamGwyn 1, Clr 1, Duskblade 1, Dwarf 1, HB 1, HotD 1, KotC 1, Metal 1, Pal 1, Shu 1, Sor/Wiz 1, War 1, Wuj 1 V, S, DF
1 min./level Touch 5 minutes
Target: Weapon touched

Weapon gains +1 bonus.

Magic weapon gives a weapon a +1 enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls. (An enhancement bonus does not stack with a masterwork weapons +1 bonus on attack rolls.)

You cant cas't this spell on a natural weapon, such as an unarmed strike (instead, see magic fang). A monk's unarmed strike is considered a weapon, and thus it can be enhanced by this spell.

Remove Fear
Abjuration 1 standard action SRD
Will negates (harmless) - Yes (harmless) APeace 1, Arc 1, Brd 1, ChamGwyn 1, Clr 1, Competition 1, Courage 1, Hlr 1, HotD 1, KotC 1, Pleasure 1, Shu 1 V, S
10 min.; see text Close General
Targets: One creature plus one additional creature per four levels, no two of which can be more than 30 ft. apart

Suppresses fear or gives +4 on saves against fear for one subject + one per four levels.

You instill courage in the subject, granting it a +4 morale bonus against fear effects for 10 minutes. If the subject is under the influence of a fear effect when receiving the spell, that effect is suppressed for the duration of the spell.

Remove fear counters and dispels cause fear.