Wing Attack

NameWing Attack
Power Points35
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typecool
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White Machine
BattleInflicts regular damage with no additional effect.
ContestIf the last Pokemon's appeal is the same type as this move, user earns six points instead of two.

See detailed breeding chart.

Charizard Fire Flying 36
Pidgey Normal Flying 33
Pidgeotto Normal Flying 37 P
Pidgeot Normal Flying 38 P
Zubat Poison Flying 17
Golbat Poison Flying 17 P
Scyther Bug Flying 21
Aerodactyl Rock Flying 1
Moltres Fire Flying 1
Dragonite Dragon Flying 55
Hoothoot Normal Flying E
Noctowl Normal Flying P
Crobat Poison Flying 17 P
Yanma Bug Flying 43
Murkrow Dark Flying 15 E
Gligar Ground Flying E
Scizor Bug Steel P
Mantine Water Flying 22 P
Taillow Normal Flying 13
Swellow Normal Flying 13 P
Wingull Water Flying 11
Pelipper Water Flying 1 P
Pelipper Water Flying 11 P
Starly Normal Flying 9
Staravia Normal Flying 9 P
Staraptor Normal Flying 1 P
Staraptor Normal Flying 9 P
Honchkrow Dark Flying 1 P
Mantyke Water Flying 22
Yanmega Bug Flying P
Gliscor Ground Flying P
Archen Rock Flying 1
Archeops Rock Flying 1 P
Ducklett Water Flying 9
Swanna Water Flying 1 P
Swanna Water Flying 9 P
Rufflet Normal Flying 10
Braviary Normal Flying 1 P
Braviary Normal Flying 10 P