False Swipe

NameFalse Swipe
Power Points40
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typecool
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond MachineTM54
Black/White MachineTM54
BattleCannot lower the target's HP below 1.
ContestAttempts to jam all Pokemon that have appealed this turn.

See detailed breeding chart.

Beedrill Bug Poison M
Spearow Normal Flying M
Fearow Normal Flying M
Paras Bug Grass M
Parasect Bug Grass M
Farfetch'd Normal Flying 45 M
Krabby Water M
Kingler Water M
Cubone Ground 27 M
Marowak Ground 27 PM
Scyther Bug Flying 13 M
Pinsir Bug M
Mew Psychic M
Gligar Ground Flying M
Scizor Bug Steel 13 PM
Heracross Bug Fighting M
Sneasel Dark Ice M
Grovyle Grass 53 M
Sceptile Grass 59 PM
Seedot Grass M
Nuzleaf Grass Dark M
Shiftry Grass Dark M
Shroomish Grass M
Breloom Grass Fighting M
Nincada Bug Ground 25 M
Ninjask Bug Flying PM
Shedinja Bug Ghost PM
Mawile Steel M
Zangoose Normal 44 M
Corphish Water M
Crawdaunt Water Dark M
Anorith Rock Bug M
Armaldo Rock Bug M
Absol Dark M
Kricketune Bug M
Garchomp Dragon Ground M
Skorupi Poison Bug M
Drapion Poison Dark M
Weavile Dark Ice M
Gliscor Ground Flying M
Gallade Psychic Fighting 50 M
Oshawott Water M
Dewott Water M
Samurott Water M
Leavanny Bug Grass 1 M
Karrablast Bug 25 M
Escavalier Bug Steel 25 PM
Axew Dragon 24 M
Fraxure Dragon 24 PM
Haxorus Dragon 24 PM
Pawniard Dark Steel M
Bisharp Dark Steel M
Cobalion Steel Fighting M
Terrakion Rock Fighting M
Virizion Grass Fighting M
Keldeo Water Fighting M