Power Points10
RangeRandom opponent
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typetough
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White Machine
BattleHits every turn for 2-3 turns, then confuses the user.
ContestAttempts to jam the other Pokemon. The user cannot make an appeal on the next turn, but it cannot be jammed either.

See detailed breeding chart.

Basculin Water 56
Darmanitan Fire Psychic 27
Nidoking Poison Ground 35
Mankey Fighting 41
Primeape Fighting 47 P
Growlithe Fire E
Arcanine Fire P
Ponyta Fire E
Rapidash Fire P
Doduo Normal Flying 50
Dodrio Normal Flying 60 P
Cubone Ground 31
Marowak Ground 33 P
Pinsir Bug 35
Tauros Normal 55
Gyarados Water Flying 1
Cyndaquil Fire E
Quilava Fire P
Typhlosion Fire P
Totodile Water 41 E
Croconaw Water 48 P
Feraligatr Water 58 P
Teddiursa Normal 50
Ursaring Normal 58 P
Stantler Normal E
Larvitar Rock Ground 28
Pupitar Rock Ground 28 P
Tyranitar Rock Dark 28 P
Carvanha Water Dark E
Sharpedo Water Dark P
Wailmer Water E
Wailord Water P
Spinda Normal 55
Barboach Water Ground E
Whiscash Water Ground P
Bagon Dragon E
Shelgon Dragon P
Salamence Dragon Flying P
Turtwig Grass E
Grotle Grass P
Torterra Grass Ground P
Cranidos Rock E
Rampardos Rock P
Gible Dragon Ground E
Gabite Dragon Ground P
Garchomp Dragon Ground P
Tepig Fire E
Pignite Fire Fighting P
Emboar Fire Fighting P
Blitzle Electric 43
Zebstrika Electric 53 P
Basculin Water 56
Sandile Ground Dark 46
Krokorok Ground Dark 52 P
Krookodile Ground Dark P
Darumaka Fire 27
Darmanitan Fire 27 P
Archen Rock Flying 51
Archeops Rock Flying 61 P
Eelektrik Electric 74
Eelektross Electric P
Cubchoo Ice 53
Beartic Ice 59 P
Bouffalant Normal 51
Rufflet Normal Flying 64
Braviary Normal Flying 70 P
Larvesta Bug Fire 90
Volcarona Bug Fire P
Tornadus Flying 85
Thundurus Electric Flying 85