Power Points10
RangeRandom opponent
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typecute
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White Machine
BattleForced to use this move for several turns. Pokemon cannot fall asleep in that time.
ContestShuffles the next turn's turn order.

See detailed breeding chart.

Rotom Electric Fire 8
Rotom Electric Water 8
Rotom Electric Ice 8
Rotom Electric Flying 8
Rotom Electric Grass 8
Basculin Water 4
Pidgey Normal Flying E
Pidgeotto Normal Flying P
Pidgeot Normal Flying P
Rattata Normal E
Raticate Normal P
Spearow Normal Flying E
Fearow Normal Flying P
Diglett Ground E
Dugtrio Ground P
Doduo Normal Flying 23
Dodrio Normal Flying 23 P
Exeggcute Grass Psychic 1
Exeggutor Grass Psychic P
Kangaskhan Normal E
Hoothoot Normal Flying 13
Noctowl Normal Flying 13 P
Yanma Bug Flying 27
Mudkip Water E
Marshtomp Water Ground P
Swampert Water Ground P
Lombre Water Grass 37
Ludicolo Water Grass P
Vigoroth Normal 1
Vigoroth Normal 13
Slaking Normal P
Whismur Normal 5
Loudred Normal 1 P
Loudred Normal 5 P
Exploud Normal 1 P
Exploud Normal 5 P
Skitty Normal E
Delcatty Normal P
Electrike Electric E
Manectric Electric P
Spinda Normal 5
Chimecho Psychic 17 P
Starly Normal Flying E
Staravia Normal Flying P
Staraptor Normal Flying P
Chingling Psychic 17
Chatot Normal Flying 45
Yanmega Bug Flying 27 P
Rotom Electric Ghost 8
Azelf Psychic 31
Pidove Normal Flying E
Tranquill Normal Flying P
Unfezant Normal Flying P
Tympole Water 23
Palpitoad Water Ground 23 P
Seismitoad Water Ground 23 P
Basculin Water 4
Sandile Ground Dark E
Krokorok Ground Dark P
Krookodile Ground Dark P
Darumaka Fire 17
Darmanitan Fire P
Gothita Psychic E
Gothorita Psychic P
Gothitelle Psychic P
Vanillite Ice 10
Vanillish Ice 1 P
Vanillish Ice 10 P
Vanilluxe Ice 1 P
Vanilluxe Ice 10 P
Tornadus Flying 1
Thundurus Electric Flying 1