Power Points5
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typebeauty
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby MachineTM50
Diamond MachineTM50
Black/White MachineTM50
BattleLowers the user's Special Attack by two stages after inflicting damage.
ContestIf the user is jammed this turn after using this move, it will receive twice as many jam points.

See detailed breeding chart.

Darmanitan Fire Psychic 54 M
Charmander Fire M
Charmeleon Fire M
Charizard Fire Flying M
Vulpix Fire M
Ninetales Fire M
Mankey Fighting M
Primeape Fighting M
Growlithe Fire M
Arcanine Fire M
Ponyta Fire M
Rapidash Fire M
Magmar Fire M
Flareon Fire M
Moltres Fire Flying M
Mew Psychic M
Cyndaquil Fire M
Quilava Fire M
Typhlosion Fire M
Snubbull Normal M
Granbull Normal M
Slugma Fire M
Magcargo Fire Rock M
Houndour Dark Fire M
Houndoom Dark Fire M
Magby Fire M
Entei Fire M
Ho-Oh Fire Flying M
Torchic Fire M
Combusken Fire Fighting M
Blaziken Fire Fighting M
Loudred Normal M
Exploud Normal M
Manectric Electric M
Numel Fire Ground M
Camerupt Fire Ground M
Torkoal Fire M
Solrock Rock Psychic M
Groudon Ground M
Rayquaza Dragon Flying M
Chimchar Fire M
Monferno Fire Fighting M
Infernape Fire Fighting M
Magmortar Fire M
Dialga Steel Dragon M
Heatran Fire Steel M
Arceus Normal M
Victini Psychic Fire 97 M
Tepig Fire M
Pignite Fire Fighting M
Emboar Fire Fighting M
Pansear Fire M
Simisear Fire M
Zebstrika Electric M
Darumaka Fire 42 M
Darmanitan Fire 54 PM
Litwick Ghost Fire 61 M
Lampent Ghost Fire 69 PM
Chandelure Ghost Fire PM
Larvesta Bug Fire M
Volcarona Bug Fire M
Reshiram Dragon Fire M