Power Points35
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typecool
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White Machine
BattleInflicts regular damage with no additional effect.
ContestGives a high number of appeal points wth no other effects.

See detailed breeding chart.

Spearow Normal Flying 1
Fearow Normal Flying 1 P
Nidoran♂ Poison 1
Nidorino Poison 1 P
Nidoking Poison Ground 1 P
Farfetch'd Normal Flying 1
Doduo Normal Flying 1
Dodrio Normal Flying 1 P
Goldeen Water 1
Seaking Water 1 P
Zapdos Electric Flying 1
Hoothoot Normal Flying 9
Noctowl Normal Flying 9 P
Togepi Normal E
Togetic Normal Flying P
Natu Psychic Flying 1
Xatu Psychic Flying 1 P
Murkrow Dark Flying 1
Piloswine Ice Ground 1
Skarmory Steel Flying 1
Torchic Fire 16
Combusken Fire Fighting 17 P
Blaziken Fire Fighting 17 P
Taillow Normal Flying 1
Swellow Normal Flying 1 P
Swablu Normal Flying 1
Altaria Dragon Flying 1 P
Piplup Water 15
Prinplup Water 15 P
Empoleon Water Steel 15 P
Honchkrow Dark Flying P
Chatot Normal Flying 1
Togekiss Normal Flying P
Mamoswine Ice Ground 1 P
Maractus Grass 1
Karrablast Bug 1
Escavalier Bug Steel 1 P
Rufflet Normal Flying 1
Braviary Normal Flying 1 P