Hone Claws

NameHone Claws
Power Points15
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Type
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White MachineTM01
BattleRaises the user's Attack and accuracy by one stage.

See detailed breeding chart.

Giratina Ghost Dragon M
Meloetta Normal Fighting M
Charmander Fire M
Charmeleon Fire M
Charizard Fire Flying M
Sandshrew Ground M
Sandslash Ground M
Nidoran♀ Poison M
Nidorina Poison M
Nidoqueen Poison Ground M
Nidoran♂ Poison M
Nidorino Poison M
Nidoking Poison Ground M
Paras Bug Grass M
Parasect Bug Grass M
Diglett Ground M
Dugtrio Ground M
Meowth Normal M
Persian Normal M
Psyduck Water M
Golduck Water M
Mankey Fighting M
Primeape Fighting M
Krabby Water M
Kingler Water M
Kabuto Rock Water M
Kabutops Rock Water M
Aerodactyl Rock Flying M
Dragonite Dragon Flying M
Mew Psychic M
Totodile Water M
Croconaw Water M
Feraligatr Water M
Sentret Normal M
Furret Normal M
Spinarak Bug Poison M
Ariados Bug Poison M
Aipom Normal M
Gligar Ground Flying M
Sneasel Dark Ice 35 M
Teddiursa Normal M
Ursaring Normal M
Tyranitar Rock Dark M
Sceptile Grass M
Torchic Fire M
Combusken Fire Fighting M
Blaziken Fire Fighting M
Zigzagoon Normal M
Linoone Normal M
Lombre Water Grass M
Ludicolo Water Grass M
Slakoth Normal M
Vigoroth Normal M
Slaking Normal M
Nincada Bug Ground M
Ninjask Bug Flying M
Shedinja Bug Ghost M
Sableye Dark Ghost M
Aron Steel Rock M
Lairon Steel Rock M
Aggron Steel Rock M
Flygon Ground Dragon M
Altaria Dragon Flying M
Zangoose Normal M
Corphish Water M
Crawdaunt Water Dark M
Anorith Rock Bug M
Armaldo Rock Bug M
Kecleon Normal M
Absol Dark M
Bagon Dragon M
Shelgon Dragon M
Salamence Dragon Flying M
Metang Steel Psychic M
Metagross Steel Psychic M
Registeel Steel M
Latias Dragon Psychic M
Latios Dragon Psychic M
Groudon Ground M
Rayquaza Dragon Flying M
Chimchar Fire M
Monferno Fire Fighting M
Infernape Fire Fighting M
Prinplup Water M
Empoleon Water Steel M
Kricketune Bug M
Vespiquen Bug Flying M
Ambipom Normal M
Glameow Normal 48 M
Purugly Normal 60 PM
Stunky Poison Dark M
Skuntank Poison Dark M
Gible Dragon Ground M
Gabite Dragon Ground M
Garchomp Dragon Ground M
Lucario Fighting Steel M
Skorupi Poison Bug 45 M
Drapion Poison Dark 48 PM
Weavile Dark Ice 35 PM
Gliscor Ground Flying M
Dialga Steel Dragon M
Palkia Water Dragon M
Giratina Ghost Dragon M
Arceus Normal M
Purrloin Dark 24 M
Liepard Dark 26 PM
Pansage Grass M
Simisage Grass M
Pansear Fire M
Simisear Fire M
Panpour Water M
Simipour Water M
Drilbur Ground 22 M
Excadrill Ground Steel 22 PM
Leavanny Bug Grass M
Sandile Ground Dark M
Krokorok Ground Dark M
Krookodile Ground Dark M
Dwebble Bug Rock M
Crustle Bug Rock M
Archen Rock Flying M
Archeops Rock Flying M
Zorua Dark M
Zoroark Dark 1 M
Zoroark Dark 9 M
Ferroseed Grass Steel M
Ferrothorn Grass Steel M
Eelektross Electric M
Axew Dragon M
Fraxure Dragon M
Haxorus Dragon M
Cubchoo Ice M
Beartic Ice M
Druddigon Dragon 5 M
Pawniard Dark Steel M
Bisharp Dark Steel M
Rufflet Normal Flying 14 M
Braviary Normal Flying 14 PM
Heatmor Fire M
Durant Bug Steel M
Cobalion Steel Fighting M
Reshiram Dragon Fire M
Zekrom Dragon Electric M
Kyurem Dragon Ice M
Meloetta Normal Psychic M
Genesect Bug Steel M