Index of Monsters by Types - Aberration

Name Map Tool Token Link Family Type Size CR
AbolethRPTok Aboleth Aberration Huge 7
10th-Level Wizard Aboleth MageRPTok Aboleth Aberration Huge 17
Psionic AbolethRPTok Aboleth, Psionic Aberration Huge 7
AthachRPTok Athach Aberration Huge 8
Average PsurlonRPTok Psurlon Aberration Medium 5
AvolakiaRPTok Avolakia Aberration Large 10
BeholderRPTok Beholder Aberration Large 13
Carrion CrawlerRPTok Carrion Crawler Aberration Large 4
CatoblepasRPTok Catoblepas Aberration Huge 6
ChokerRPTok Choker Aberration Small 2
ChuulRPTok Chuul Aberration Large 7
CloakerRPTok Cloaker Aberration Large 5
Dark NagaRPTok Naga Aberration Large 8
DarktentaclesRPTok Darktentacles Aberration Large 7
DelverRPTok Delver Aberration Huge 9
DestrachanRPTok Destrachan Aberration Large 8
DriderRPTok Drider Aberration Large 7
1st-Level Warrior ElanRPTok Elan Aberration Medium 1/2
Ethereal FilcherRPTok Ethereal Filcher Aberration Medium 3
EttercapRPTok Ettercap Aberration Medium 3
FihyrRPTok Fihyr Aberration Small 3
Great FihyrRPTok Fihyr Aberration Medium 15
FolugubRPTok Folugub Aberration Medium 2
GauthRPTok Beholder Aberration Medium 6
Giant PsurlonRPTok Psurlon Aberration Large 15
Gibbering MoutherRPTok Gibbering Mouther Aberration Medium 5
Gibbering OrbRPTok Gibbering Orb Aberration Huge 27
GrellRPTok Grell Aberration Medium 3
GrickRPTok Grick Aberration Medium 3
Guardian NagaRPTok Naga Aberration Large 10
Ha-NagaRPTok Ha-Naga Aberration Colossal 22
HagunemnonRPTok Hagunemnon Aberration Large 29
Hook HorrorRPTok Hook Horror Aberration Large 6
Intellect DevourerRPTok Intellect Devourer Aberration Small 7
Average IxitxachitlRPTok Ixitxachitl Aberration Small 1
Vampiric IxitxachitlRPTok Ixitxachitl Aberration Small 3
JulajimusRPTok Julajimus Aberration Huge 12
MeenlockRPTok Meenlock Aberration Tiny 3
MimicRPTok Mimic Aberration Large 4
Mind FlayerRPTok Mind Flayer Aberration Medium 8
Mind Flayer 9th-Level SorcererRPTok Mind Flayer Aberration Medium 17
MoonbeastRPTok Moonbeast Aberration Huge 16
MorkothRPTok Morkoth Aberration Medium 5
Neh-ThalgguRPTok Neh-Thalggu Aberration Huge 26
Neogi SpawnRPTok Neogi Aberration Tiny 1/4
Adult NeogiRPTok Neogi Aberration Small 4
NeothelidRPTok Neothelid Aberration Gargantuan 15
OtyughRPTok Otyugh Aberration Large 4
PhasmRPTok Phasm Aberration Medium 7
Elder PsurlonRPTok Psurlon Aberration Medium 9
Rust MonsterRPTok Rust Monster Aberration Medium 3
SkumRPTok Skum Aberration Medium 2
Spirit NagaRPTok Naga Aberration Large 9
Temporal FilcherRPTok Temporal Filcher Aberration Large 3
ThorciasidRPTok Thorciasid Aberration Medium 22
Thought EaterRPTok Thought Eater Aberration Small 2
Thought SlayerRPTok Thought Slayer Aberration Huge 13
Umber HulkRPTok Umber Hulk Aberration Large 7
Truly Horrid Umber HulkRPTok Umber Hulk Aberration Huge 14
VermiurgeRPTok Vermiurge Aberration Large 24
Water NagaRPTok Naga Aberration Large 7
Will-O'-WispRPTok Will-O'-Wisp Aberration Small 6
WindghostRPTok Windghost Aberration Huge 15
Worm that WalksRPTok Worm that Walks Aberration Medium 26
WysteRPTok Wyste Aberration Huge 5