Helping Hand

NameHelping Hand
Power Points20
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typesmart
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White Machine
BattleAlly's next move inflicts half more damage.
ContestAttempts to make all following Pokemon nervous (and thus unable to appeal).

See detailed breeding chart.

Nidoran♀ Poison 25
Nidorina Poison 28 P
Nidoqueen Poison Ground P
Nidoran♂ Poison 25
Nidorino Poison 28 P
Nidoking Poison Ground P
Growlithe Fire 17
Arcanine Fire P
Hitmonlee Fighting P
Hitmonchan Fighting P
Chansey Normal EP
Eevee Normal 1
Vaporeon Water 1 P
Jolteon Electric 1 P
Flareon Fire 1 P
Sentret Normal 16
Furret Normal 17 P
Hoppip Grass Flying E
Skiploom Grass Flying P
Jumpluff Grass Flying P
Sunkern Grass E
Sunflora Grass P
Espeon Psychic 1 P
Umbreon Dark 1 P
Shuckle Bug Rock E
Tyrogue Fighting 1 E
Hitmontop Fighting P
Miltank Normal E
Blissey Normal P
Zigzagoon Normal E
Linoone Normal P
Shroomish Grass E
Breloom Grass Fighting P
Makuhita Fighting E
Hariyama Fighting P
Skitty Normal E
Delcatty Normal P
Plusle Electric 10
Minun Electric 10
Volbeat Bug 33
Illumise Bug 33
Latias Dragon Psychic 10
Latios Dragon Psychic 10
Jirachi Steel Psychic 15
Chimchar Fire E
Monferno Fire Fighting P
Infernape Fire Fighting P
Shinx Electric E
Luxio Electric P
Luxray Electric P
Cherubi Grass 13
Cherrim Grass 13 P
Happiny Normal E
Leafeon Grass 1 P
Glaceon Ice 1 P
Gallade Psychic Fighting 39
Lillipup Normal 12
Herdier Normal 12 P
Stoutland Normal 12 P
Munna Psychic E
Musharna Psychic P
Woobat Psychic Flying E
Swoobat Psychic Flying P
Audino Normal 1
Leavanny Bug Grass 32
Cottonee Grass 31
Whimsicott Grass P
Petilil Grass 31
Lilligant Grass P
Minccino Normal 7
Cinccino Normal 1 P
Alomomola Water 49
Cobalion Steel Fighting 25
Terrakion Rock Fighting 25
Virizion Grass Fighting 25
Keldeo Water Fighting 25