Mega Drain

NameMega Drain
Power Points15
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typesmart
Red MachineTM21
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White Machine
BattleHeals the user by half the damage inflicted.
ContestAttempts to jam the Pokemon that appealed before the user.

See detailed breeding chart.

Oddish Grass Poison 21
Gloom Grass Poison 23 P
Vileplume Grass Poison 1 P
Tangela Grass 26 E
Kabuto Rock Water 36
Kabutops Rock Water 36 P
Bellossom Grass 1 P
Hoppip Grass Flying 25
Skiploom Grass Flying 28 P
Jumpluff Grass Flying 29 P
Sunkern Grass 5
Sunflora Grass 5 P
Treecko Grass 26
Grovyle Grass P
Sceptile Grass P
Beautifly Bug Flying 24
Lotad Water Grass 19
Lombre Water Grass P
Ludicolo Water Grass 1 P
Shroomish Grass 17
Breloom Grass Fighting 17 P
Roselia Grass Poison 13 P
Lileep Rock Grass E
Cradily Rock Grass P
Turtwig Grass 25
Grotle Grass 27 P
Torterra Grass Ground 27 P
Budew Grass Poison 13
Roserade Grass Poison 1 P
Tangrowth Grass 26 P
Snivy Grass 22
Servine Grass 24 P
Serperior Grass 24 P
Cottonee Grass 13
Whimsicott Grass 1 P
Petilil Grass 13
Lilligant Grass 1 P
Maractus Grass 13
Foongus Grass Poison 15
Amoonguss Grass Poison 15 P
Shelmet Bug 20
Accelgor Bug 20 P