Index of Monsters by Name Letters - W

Name Map Tool Token Link Type
War BatRPTok Animal
Warbeast RhinocerosRPTok Animal
Heavy WarhorseRPTok Animal
Light WarhorseRPTok Animal
Elder Water ElementalRPTok Elemental
Greater Water ElementalRPTok Elemental
Huge Water ElementalRPTok Elemental
Large Water ElementalRPTok Elemental
Medium Water ElementalRPTok Elemental
Primal Water ElementalRPTok Elemental
Small Water ElementalRPTok Elemental
Tiny Water ElementalRPTok Elemental
Water NagaRPTok Aberration
Water WeirdRPTok Elemental
WeaselRPTok Animal
Dire WeaselRPTok Animal
Bear Form WerebearRPTok Humanoid
Human Form WerebearRPTok Humanoid
Hybrid Form WerebearRPTok Humanoid
Boar Form WereboarRPTok Humanoid
Human Form WereboarRPTok Humanoid
Hybrid Form WereboarRPTok Humanoid
Dire Rat Form WereratRPTok Humanoid
Human Form WereratRPTok Humanoid
Hybrid Form WereratRPTok Humanoid
Human Form WeretigerRPTok Humanoid
Hybrid Form WeretigerRPTok Humanoid
Tiger Form WeretigerRPTok Humanoid
Dire Wolf Form Werewolf LordRPTok Humanoid
Human Form Werewolf LordRPTok Humanoid
Hybrid Form Werewolf LordRPTok Humanoid
Human Form WerewolfRPTok Humanoid
Hybrid Form WerewolfRPTok Humanoid
Wolf Form WerewolfRPTok Humanoid
Adult White DragonRPTok Dragon
Ancient White DragonRPTok Dragon
Great wyrm White DragonRPTok Dragon
Juvenile White DragonRPTok Dragon
Mature adult White DragonRPTok Dragon
Old White DragonRPTok Dragon
Very old White DragonRPTok Dragon
Very young White DragonRPTok Dragon
Wyrm White DragonRPTok Dragon
Wyrmling White DragonRPTok Dragon
Young White DragonRPTok Dragon
Young adult White DragonRPTok Dragon
WightRPTok Undead
Will-O'-WispRPTok Aberration
WindghostRPTok Aberration
Winter WolfRPTok Magical Beast
WinterwightRPTok Undead
WolfRPTok Animal
Wolf SkeletonRPTok Undead
Dire WolfRPTok Animal
Legendary WolfRPTok Animal
WolverineRPTok Animal
Dire WolverineRPTok Animal
WorgRPTok Magical Beast
Worm that WalksRPTok Aberration
WortlingRPTok Plant
WraithRPTok Undead
WysteRPTok Aberration
WyvernRPTok Dragon
Wyvern ZombieRPTok Undead