Power Points15
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typebeauty
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond MachineTM61
Black/White MachineTM61
BattleBurns the target.
ContestAttempts to jam the Pokemon that appealed before the user.

See detailed breeding chart.

Rotom Electric Fire M
Rotom Electric Water M
Giratina Ghost Dragon M
Rotom Electric Ice M
Rotom Electric Flying M
Rotom Electric Grass M
Darmanitan Fire Psychic M
Charmander Fire M
Charmeleon Fire M
Charizard Fire Flying M
Vulpix Fire 31 M
Ninetales Fire PM
Growlithe Fire M
Arcanine Fire M
Ponyta Fire M
Rapidash Fire M
Gastly Ghost Poison M
Haunter Ghost Poison M
Gengar Ghost Poison M
Koffing Poison M
Weezing Poison M
Magmar Fire M
Flareon Fire M
Moltres Fire Flying M
Mewtwo Psychic M
Mew Psychic M
Cyndaquil Fire M
Quilava Fire M
Typhlosion Fire M
Misdreavus Ghost M
Slugma Fire M
Magcargo Fire Rock M
Houndour Dark Fire M
Houndoom Dark Fire M
Magby Fire M
Entei Fire M
Ho-Oh Fire Flying M
Torchic Fire M
Combusken Fire Fighting M
Blaziken Fire Fighting M
Ralts Psychic M
Kirlia Psychic M
Gardevoir Psychic M
Shedinja Bug Ghost M
Sableye Dark Ghost M
Numel Fire Ground M
Camerupt Fire Ground M
Torkoal Fire M
Solrock Rock Psychic M
Shuppet Ghost 23 M
Banette Ghost 23 PM
Duskull Ghost 33 M
Dusclops Ghost 33 PM
Absol Dark M
Chimchar Fire M
Monferno Fire Fighting M
Infernape Fire Fighting M
Drifloon Ghost Flying M
Drifblim Ghost Flying M
Mismagius Ghost M
Spiritomb Ghost Dark M
Magmortar Fire M
Gallade Psychic Fighting M
Dusknoir Ghost 33 PM
Rotom Electric Ghost M
Heatran Fire Steel M
Giratina Ghost Dragon M
Darkrai Dark M
Arceus Normal M
Victini Psychic Fire M
Tepig Fire M
Pignite Fire Fighting M
Emboar Fire Fighting M
Pansear Fire M
Simisear Fire M
Darumaka Fire M
Darmanitan Fire M
Yamask Ghost 21 M
Cofagrigus Ghost 21 PM
Frillish Water Ghost M
Jellicent Water Ghost M
Litwick Ghost Fire 16 M
Lampent Ghost Fire 16 PM
Chandelure Ghost Fire PM
Heatmor Fire M
Larvesta Bug Fire M
Volcarona Bug Fire M
Reshiram Dragon Fire M