Power Points20
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typecute
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White Machine
BattleLowers the target's Attack and Defense by one stage.
ContestRemoves all stars from all Pokemon that have appealed this turn.

See detailed breeding chart.

Pikachu Electric P
Raichu Electric P
Clefairy Normal P
Clefable Normal P
Oddish Grass Poison E
Gloom Grass Poison P
Vileplume Grass Poison P
Machop Fighting E
Machoke Fighting P
Machamp Fighting P
Bellsprout Grass Poison E
Weepinbell Grass Poison P
Victreebel Grass Poison P
Tentacool Water Poison E
Tentacruel Water Poison P
Krabby Water E
Kingler Water P
Tangela Grass 47
Mr. Mime Psychic P
Lapras Water Ice E
Eevee Normal E
Vaporeon Water P
Jolteon Electric P
Flareon Fire P
Omanyte Rock Water 43
Omastar Rock Water 48 P
Pichu Electric E
Cleffa Normal E
Bellossom Grass P
Marill Water P
Azumarill Water P
Aipom Normal 15
Espeon Psychic P
Umbreon Dark P
Zigzagoon Normal E
Linoone Normal P
Lotad Water Grass E
Lombre Water Grass P
Ludicolo Water Grass P
Slakoth Normal E
Vigoroth Normal P
Slaking Normal P
Azurill Normal E
Skitty Normal E
Delcatty Normal P
Mawile Steel E
Wailmer Water E
Wailord Water P
Whiscash Water Ground 1
Lileep Rock Grass E
Cradily Rock Grass P
Feebas Water E
Milotic Water P
Turtwig Grass E
Grotle Grass P
Torterra Grass Ground P
Cherubi Grass E
Cherrim Grass P
Ambipom Normal 15 P
Mime Jr. Psychic 1
Finneon Water E
Lumineon Water P
Tangrowth Grass 47 P
Leafeon Grass P
Glaceon Ice P
Pansage Grass E
Simisage Grass P
Pansear Fire E
Simisear Fire P
Panpour Water E
Simipour Water P
Cottonee Grass E
Whimsicott Grass P
Minccino Normal 9
Cinccino Normal 1 P
Gothita Psychic 7
Gothorita Psychic 1 P
Gothorita Psychic 7 P
Gothitelle Psychic 1 P
Gothitelle Psychic 7 P
Emolga Electric Flying E
Alomomola Water E
Heatmor Fire E