Hydro Pump

NameHydro Pump
Power Points5
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typebeauty
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White Machine
BattleInflicts regular damage with no additional effect.
ContestGives a high number of appeal points wth no other effects.

See detailed breeding chart.

Castform Fire 50
Castform Water 50
Castform Ice 50
Squirtle Water 40
Wartortle Water 48 P
Blastoise Water 60 P
Psyduck Water 53
Golduck Water 63 P
Poliwag Water 38
Poliwhirl Water 48 P
Poliwrath Water Fighting P
Tentacool Water Poison 47
Tentacruel Water Poison 52 P
Shellder Water 61
Cloyster Water Ice P
Horsea Water 35
Seadra Water 40 P
Goldeen Water E
Seaking Water P
Staryu Water 60
Starmie Water Psychic P
Gyarados Water Flying 41
Lapras Water Ice 49
Vaporeon Water 71
Omanyte Rock Water 55
Omastar Rock Water 75 P
Totodile Water 50 E
Croconaw Water 60 P
Feraligatr Water 76 P
Chinchou Water Electric 45
Lanturn Water Electric 57 P
Marill Water 42
Azumarill Water 54 P
Politoed Water P
Qwilfish Water Poison 57
Mantine Water Flying 49 EP
Kingdra Water Dragon 40 P
Suicune Water 71
Lugia Psychic Flying 37
Mudkip Water 42
Marshtomp Water Ground P
Swampert Water Ground P
Lombre Water Grass 45
Ludicolo Water Grass P
Pelipper Water Flying 57
Surskit Bug Water E
Masquerain Bug Flying P
Carvanha Water Dark E
Sharpedo Water Dark P
Wailmer Water 47
Wailord Water 62 P
Barboach Water Ground E
Whiscash Water Ground P
Milotic Water 37
Castform Normal 50
Huntail Water 51
Gorebyss Water 51
Relicanth Water Rock 71
Luvdisc Water 40
Bagon Dragon E
Shelgon Dragon P
Salamence Dragon Flying P
Kyogre Water 90
Piplup Water 43 E
Prinplup Water 51 P
Empoleon Water Steel 59 P
Mantyke Water Flying 49 E
Palkia Water Dragon 50
Oshawott Water 43
Dewott Water 52 P
Samurott Water 62 P
Panpour Water E
Simipour Water P
Tympole Water 42
Palpitoad Water Ground 47 P
Seismitoad Water Ground 53 P
Tirtouga Water Rock 51
Carracosta Water Rock 61 P
Frillish Water Ghost 49
Jellicent Water Ghost 53 P
Alomomola Water 61
Keldeo Water Fighting 67