Power Points20
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typebeauty
Red MachineTM11
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White Machine
BattleHas a 10% chance to lower the target's Speed by one stage.
ContestAttempts to jam all Pokemon that have appealed this turn.

See detailed breeding chart.

Poliwag Water 25 E
Poliwhirl Water 27 P
Poliwrath Water Fighting 1 P
Tentacool Water Poison 19
Tentacruel Water Poison 19 P
Shellder Water E
Cloyster Water Ice P
Krabby Water 15
Kingler Water 15 P
Horsea Water 18
Seadra Water 18 P
Staryu Water 28
Starmie Water Psychic P
Omanyte Rock Water E
Omastar Rock Water P
Kabuto Rock Water E
Kabutops Rock Water P
Chinchou Water Electric 31
Lanturn Water Electric 35 P
Marill Water 18
Azumarill Water 20 P
Politoed Water 1 P
Qwilfish Water Poison E
Corsola Water Rock 25
Remoraid Water 19
Octillery Water 19 P
Mantine Water Flying 1 P
Mantine Water Flying 10 P
Kingdra Water Dragon 18 P
Suicune Water 8
Lotad Water Grass 25
Lombre Water Grass 25 P
Ludicolo Water Grass P
Surskit Bug Water 25
Masquerain Bug Flying P
Corphish Water 20
Crawdaunt Water Dark 20 P
Piplup Water 18
Prinplup Water 19 P
Empoleon Water Steel 19 P
Mantyke Water Flying 10
Phione Water 24
Manaphy Water 24
Tympole Water 12
Palpitoad Water Ground 12 P
Seismitoad Water Ground 12 P
Basculin Water E
Ducklett Water Flying 19
Swanna Water Flying 19 P
Frillish Water Ghost 13
Jellicent Water Ghost 13 P
Keldeo Water Fighting 13