Power Points30
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typetough
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White Machine
BattleRaises the user's Defense by one stage.
ContestPrevents the next jam on this turn.

See detailed breeding chart.

Wormadam Bug Ground 29
Metapod Bug 1
Metapod Bug 7
Butterfree Bug Flying P
Kakuna Bug Poison 1
Kakuna Bug Poison 7
Beedrill Bug Poison P
Grimer Poison 4
Muk Poison 1 P
Muk Poison 4 P
Onix Rock Ground 1
Krabby Water 11
Kingler Water 11 P
Staryu Water 1
Starmie Water Psychic P
Pinsir Bug 13
Kabuto Rock Water 1
Kabutops Rock Water 1 P
Sudowoodo Rock EP
Gligar Ground Flying 9
Steelix Steel Ground 1 P
Qwilfish Water Poison 9
Heracross Bug Fighting E
Slugma Fire 14
Magcargo Fire Rock 14 P
Corsola Water Rock 4
Silcoon Bug 1
Silcoon Bug 7
Beautifly Bug Flying P
Cascoon Bug 1
Cascoon Bug 7
Dustox Bug Poison P
Seedot Grass 3
Nuzleaf Grass Dark 3 P
Shiftry Grass Dark P
Nincada Bug Ground 1
Ninjask Bug Flying 1 P
Shedinja Bug Ghost 1 P
Nosepass Rock 7
Aron Steel Rock 4
Lairon Steel Rock 1 P
Lairon Steel Rock 4 P
Aggron Steel Rock 1 P
Aggron Steel Rock 4 P
Lunatone Rock Psychic 1
Solrock Rock Psychic 1
Corphish Water 7
Crawdaunt Water Dark 1 P
Crawdaunt Water Dark 7 P
Baltoy Ground Psychic 4
Claydol Ground Psychic 1 P
Claydol Ground Psychic 4 P
Anorith Rock Bug 1
Armaldo Rock Bug 1 P
Relicanth Water Rock 1
Shellos Water 4
Gastrodon Water Ground 1 P
Gastrodon Water Ground 4 P
Bonsly Rock E
Gliscor Ground Flying 1 P
Gliscor Ground Flying 9 P
Probopass Rock Steel P
Roggenrola Rock 4
Boldore Rock 1 P
Boldore Rock 4 P
Gigalith Rock 1 P
Gigalith Rock 4 P
Vanillite Ice 4
Vanillish Ice 1 P
Vanillish Ice 4 P
Vanilluxe Ice 1 P
Vanilluxe Ice 4 P
Ferroseed Grass Steel 1
Ferrothorn Grass Steel 1 P
Axew Dragon E
Fraxure Dragon P
Haxorus Dragon P
Larvesta Bug Fire E
Volcarona Bug Fire P