Natural Gift

NameNatural Gift
Power Points15
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typecool
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond MachineTM83
Black/White Machine
BattlePower and type depend on the held berry.

See detailed breeding chart.

Shaymin Grass Flying 46
Oddish Grass Poison 29
Gloom Grass Poison 35 P
Vileplume Grass Poison P
Paras Bug Grass E
Parasect Bug Grass P
Bellsprout Grass Poison E
Weepinbell Grass Poison P
Victreebel Grass Poison P
Doduo Normal Flying E
Dodrio Normal Flying P
Exeggcute Grass Psychic 37 E
Exeggutor Grass Psychic P
Chansey Normal EP
Tangela Grass 40 E
Eevee Normal E
Vaporeon Water P
Jolteon Electric P
Flareon Fire P
Snorlax Normal EP
Chikorita Grass 23
Bayleef Grass 26 P
Meganium Grass 26 P
Sentret Normal E
Furret Normal P
Bellossom Grass P
Sunkern Grass E
Sunflora Grass P
Espeon Psychic P
Umbreon Dark P
Pineco Bug 23
Forretress Bug Steel 23 P
Phanpy Ground 19
Donphan Ground P
Miltank Normal E
Blissey Normal P
Lugia Psychic Flying 85
Ho-Oh Fire Flying 85
Celebi Psychic Grass 46
Treecko Grass E
Grovyle Grass P
Sceptile Grass P
Lotad Water Grass 15
Lombre Water Grass P
Ludicolo Water Grass P
Shroomish Grass E
Breloom Grass Fighting P
Roselia Grass Poison EP
Swablu Normal Flying 32
Altaria Dragon Flying 32 P
Tropius Grass Flying 67 E
Budew Grass Poison E
Roserade Grass Poison P
Cherubi Grass E
Cherrim Grass P
Happiny Normal E
Munchlax Normal 49 E
Snover Grass Ice E
Abomasnow Grass Ice P
Tangrowth Grass 40 P
Leafeon Grass P
Glaceon Ice P
Uxie Psychic 66
Mesprit Psychic 66
Azelf Psychic 66
Shaymin Grass 46
Arceus Normal 1
Snivy Grass E
Servine Grass P
Serperior Grass P
Pansage Grass 40
Simisage Grass P
Pansear Fire 40
Simisear Fire P
Panpour Water 40
Simipour Water P
Cottonee Grass E
Whimsicott Grass P
Petilil Grass E
Lilligant Grass P
Vanillite Ice E
Vanillish Ice P
Vanilluxe Ice P
Deerling Normal Grass E
Sawsbuck Normal Grass P