Power Points15
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typecute
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White Machine
BattleInflicts more damage when the user has less HP remaining, with a maximum of 200 power.
ContestIf user appeals first this turn, earns one point; if second, two points; if third, four points; if last, six points.

See detailed breeding chart.

Wormadam Bug Ground 38
Wormadam Bug Steel 38
Basculin Water 46
Squirtle Water E
Wartortle Water P
Blastoise Water P
Pikachu Electric P
Raichu Electric P
Sandshrew Ground E
Sandslash Ground P
Vulpix Fire E
Ninetales Fire P
Oddish Grass Poison E
Gloom Grass Poison P
Vileplume Grass Poison P
Paras Bug Grass E
Parasect Bug Grass P
Meowth Normal E
Persian Normal P
Geodude Rock Ground E
Graveler Rock Ground P
Golem Rock Ground P
Farfetch'd Normal Flying E
Doduo Normal Flying E
Dodrio Normal Flying P
Onix Rock Ground E
Krabby Water 45 E
Kingler Water 63 P
Tangela Grass E
Horsea Water E
Seadra Water P
Goldeen Water 21
Seaking Water 21 P
Pinsir Bug E
Magikarp Water 30
Gyarados Water Flying P
Eevee Normal E
Vaporeon Water P
Jolteon Electric P
Flareon Fire P
Kabuto Rock Water E
Kabutops Rock Water P
Chikorita Grass E
Bayleef Grass P
Meganium Grass P
Totodile Water 22
Croconaw Water 24 P
Feraligatr Water 24 P
Chinchou Water Electric 9 E
Lanturn Water Electric 9 P
Pichu Electric E
Bellossom Grass P
Sudowoodo Rock 1 P
Sudowoodo Rock 6 P
Espeon Psychic P
Umbreon Dark P
Pineco Bug E
Forretress Bug Steel P
Dunsparce Normal 63
Steelix Steel Ground P
Qwilfish Water Poison E
Heracross Bug Fighting E
Remoraid Water E
Octillery Water P
Kingdra Water Dragon P
Phanpy Ground 6
Donphan Ground P
Zigzagoon Normal 37
Linoone Normal P
Lotad Water Grass E
Lombre Water Grass P
Ludicolo Water Grass P
Slakoth Normal 49
Vigoroth Normal P
Slaking Normal 49 P
Torkoal Fire 52
Spinda Normal 50
Trapinch Ground E
Vibrava Ground Dragon P
Flygon Ground Dragon P
Zangoose Normal E
Barboach Water Ground E
Whiscash Water Ground P
Feebas Water 30
Milotic Water P
Luvdisc Water 31
Piplup Water E
Prinplup Water P
Empoleon Water Steel P
Wormadam Bug Grass 38
Pachirisu Electric E
Buneary Normal E
Lopunny Normal P
Glameow Normal E
Purugly Normal P
Bonsly Rock 6
Finneon Water E
Lumineon Water P
Tangrowth Grass P
Leafeon Grass P
Glaceon Ice P
Uxie Psychic 61
Patrat Normal E
Watchog Normal P
Tympole Water 34
Palpitoad Water Ground 37 P
Seismitoad Water Ground 39 P
Sewaddle Bug Grass 43
Swadloon Bug Grass P
Leavanny Bug Grass P
Basculin Water 46
Dwebble Bug Rock 41
Crustle Bug Rock 50 P
Tirtouga Water Rock E
Carracosta Water Rock P
Minccino Normal E
Cinccino Normal P
Karrablast Bug 49
Escavalier Bug Steel P
Cubchoo Ice 36
Beartic Ice 36 P
Stunfisk Ground Electric 55