Power Points5
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typetough
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White Machine
BattleHas a 10% chance to raise all of the user's stats by one stage.
ContestUser gains one star.

See detailed breeding chart.

Giratina Ghost Dragon 10
Charmander Fire E
Charmeleon Fire P
Charizard Fire Flying P
Diglett Ground E
Dugtrio Ground P
Krabby Water E
Kingler Water P
Exeggcute Grass Psychic E
Exeggutor Grass Psychic P
Cubone Ground E
Marowak Ground P
Tangela Grass 36
Lapras Water Ice E
Omanyte Rock Water 37
Omastar Rock Water 37 P
Kabuto Rock Water 46
Kabutops Rock Water 54 P
Aerodactyl Rock Flying 25
Articuno Ice Flying 29
Zapdos Electric Flying 29
Moltres Fire Flying 29
Mew Psychic 50
Chikorita Grass E
Bayleef Grass P
Meganium Grass P
Totodile Water E
Croconaw Water P
Feraligatr Water P
Togepi Normal 33
Togetic Normal Flying 33 P
Yanma Bug Flying 33
Wooper Water Ground E
Quagsire Water Ground P
Dunsparce Normal 48 E
Slugma Fire 28
Magcargo Fire Rock 28 P
Swinub Ice Ground E
Piloswine Ice Ground 1 P
Corsola Water Rock 32
Phanpy Ground E
Donphan Ground P
Larvitar Rock Ground E
Pupitar Rock Ground P
Tyranitar Rock Dark P
Lugia Psychic Flying 57
Ho-Oh Fire Flying 57
Celebi Psychic Grass 28
Mudkip Water E
Marshtomp Water Ground P
Swampert Water Ground P
Mawile Steel E
Carvanha Water Dark E
Sharpedo Water Dark P
Numel Fire Ground E
Camerupt Fire Ground P
Corphish Water E
Crawdaunt Water Dark P
Baltoy Ground Psychic 26
Claydol Ground Psychic 26 P
Lileep Rock Grass 43
Cradily Rock Grass 36 P
Anorith Rock Bug 31
Armaldo Rock Bug 31 P
Kecleon Normal 55
Relicanth Water Rock 43
Regirock Rock 33
Regice Ice 33
Registeel Steel 33
Kyogre Water 45
Groudon Ground 45
Rayquaza Dragon Flying 45
Cranidos Rock 33
Rampardos Rock 36 P
Shieldon Rock Steel 28
Bastiodon Rock Steel 28 P
Tangrowth Grass 36 P
Togekiss Normal Flying P
Yanmega Bug Flying 33 P
Mamoswine Ice Ground 1 P
Dialga Steel Dragon 10
Palkia Water Dragon 10
Heatran Fire Steel 1
Giratina Ghost Dragon 10
Sigilyph Psychic Flying E
Tirtouga Water Rock 18
Carracosta Water Rock 18 P
Archen Rock Flying 18
Archeops Rock Flying 18 P
Reshiram Dragon Fire 15
Zekrom Dragon Electric 15
Kyurem Dragon Ice 15