Power Points10
RangeEntire field
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typebeauty
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby MachineTM07
Diamond MachineTM07
Black/White MachineTM07
BattleChanges the weather to a hailstorm for five turns.
ContestAttempts to jam all Pokemon that have appealed this turn.

See detailed breeding chart.

Castform Fire 30 M
Castform Water 30 M
Castform Ice 30 M
Basculin Water M
Squirtle Water M
Wartortle Water M
Blastoise Water M
Psyduck Water M
Golduck Water M
Poliwag Water M
Poliwhirl Water M
Poliwrath Water Fighting M
Tentacool Water Poison M
Tentacruel Water Poison M
Slowpoke Water Psychic M
Slowbro Water Psychic M
Seel Water 53 M
Dewgong Water Ice 65 PM
Shellder Water M
Cloyster Water Ice M
Krabby Water M
Kingler Water M
Chansey Normal M
Kangaskhan Normal M
Horsea Water M
Seadra Water M
Goldeen Water M
Seaking Water M
Staryu Water M
Starmie Water Psychic M
Jynx Ice Psychic M
Gyarados Water Flying M
Lapras Water Ice M
Vaporeon Water M
Omanyte Rock Water M
Omastar Rock Water M
Kabuto Rock Water M
Kabutops Rock Water M
Articuno Ice Flying 85 M
Dratini Dragon M
Dragonair Dragon M
Dragonite Dragon Flying M
Mewtwo Psychic M
Mew Psychic M
Totodile Water M
Croconaw Water M
Feraligatr Water M
Chinchou Water Electric M
Lanturn Water Electric M
Marill Water M
Azumarill Water M
Politoed Water M
Wooper Water Ground M
Quagsire Water Ground M
Slowking Water Psychic M
Qwilfish Water Poison M
Sneasel Dark Ice M
Swinub Ice Ground M
Piloswine Ice Ground M
Corsola Water Rock M
Delibird Ice Flying M
Mantine Water Flying M
Kingdra Water Dragon M
Smoochum Ice Psychic M
Blissey Normal M
Suicune Water M
Lugia Psychic Flying M
Mudkip Water M
Marshtomp Water Ground M
Swampert Water Ground M
Lotad Water Grass M
Lombre Water Grass M
Ludicolo Water Grass M
Wingull Water Flying M
Pelipper Water Flying M
Azurill Normal M
Carvanha Water Dark M
Sharpedo Water Dark M
Wailmer Water M
Wailord Water M
Barboach Water Ground M
Whiscash Water Ground M
Corphish Water M
Crawdaunt Water Dark M
Feebas Water M
Milotic Water M
Castform Normal 30 M
Absol Dark M
Snorunt Ice 40 M
Glalie Ice 40 PM
Spheal Ice Water 31 M
Sealeo Ice Water 31 PM
Walrein Ice Water 31 PM
Clamperl Water M
Huntail Water M
Gorebyss Water M
Relicanth Water Rock M
Luvdisc Water M
Regice Ice M
Kyogre Water M
Piplup Water M
Prinplup Water M
Empoleon Water Steel M
Buizel Water M
Floatzel Water M
Shellos Water M
Gastrodon Water Ground M
Happiny Normal M
Finneon Water M
Lumineon Water M
Mantyke Water Flying M
Snover Grass Ice M
Abomasnow Grass Ice M
Weavile Dark Ice M
Glaceon Ice 64 M
Mamoswine Ice Ground 25 M
Froslass Ice Ghost 40 PM
Palkia Water Dragon M
Phione Water M
Manaphy Water M
Arceus Normal M
Oshawott Water M
Dewott Water M
Samurott Water M
Panpour Water M
Simipour Water M
Tympole Water M
Palpitoad Water Ground M
Seismitoad Water Ground M
Basculin Water M
Ducklett Water Flying M
Swanna Water Flying M
Vanillite Ice 40 M
Vanillish Ice 42 PM
Vanilluxe Ice 42 PM
Frillish Water Ghost M
Jellicent Water Ghost M
Alomomola Water M
Cubchoo Ice 49 M
Beartic Ice 53 PM
Cryogonal Ice M
Kyurem Dragon Ice M
Keldeo Water Fighting M