Index of Monsters by Types - Outsider

Name Map Tool Token Link Type
1st-Level Warrior AasimarRPTok Outsider
Abyssal MawRPTok Outsider
Abyssal RavagerRPTok Outsider
Abyssal SkulkerRPTok Outsider
AchaieraiRPTok Outsider
AdvespaRPTok Outsider
AmnizuRPTok Outsider
Astral Deva AngelRPTok Outsider
Planetar AngelRPTok Outsider
Solar AngelRPTok Outsider
ArcanalothRPTok Outsider
Adult ArrowhawkRPTok Outsider
Elder ArrowhawkRPTok Outsider
Juvenile ArrowhawkRPTok Outsider
AvoralRPTok Outsider
AzerRPTok Outsider
BabauRPTok Outsider
BalorRPTok Outsider
Barbed DevilRPTok Outsider
BarghestRPTok Outsider
Greater BarghestRPTok Outsider
Abyssal Greater BasiliskRPTok Outsider
Bearded DevilRPTok Outsider
BebilithRPTok Outsider
BladelingRPTok Outsider
Blue SlaadRPTok Outsider
Bone DevilRPTok Outsider
BralaniRPTok Outsider
CerebrilithRPTok Outsider
CervidalRPTok Outsider
Chain DevilRPTok Outsider
Chaos BeastRPTok Outsider
ChichimecRPTok Outsider
CouatlRPTok Outsider
Psionic CouatlRPTok Outsider
Death SlaadRPTok Outsider
DjinniRPTok Outsider
Dream LarvaRPTok Outsider
DretchRPTok Outsider
Dune StalkerRPTok Outsider
Behemoth EagleRPTok Outsider
EfreetiRPTok Outsider
Blood ElementalRPTok Outsider
ErinyesRPTok Outsider
Ether ScarabRPTok Outsider
Ethereal SlayerRPTok Outsider
Formian MyrmarchRPTok Outsider
Formian QueenRPTok Outsider
Formian TaskmasterRPTok Outsider
Formian WarriorRPTok Outsider
Formian WorkerRPTok Outsider
GhaeleRPTok Outsider
GlabrezuRPTok Outsider
GlimmerskinRPTok Outsider
Behemoth GorillaRPTok Outsider
Gray SlaadRPTok Outsider
Green SlaadRPTok Outsider
Durzagon Half-FiendRPTok Outsider
HecatoncheiresRPTok Outsider
HellcatRPTok Outsider
HellhoundRPTok Outsider
HezrouRPTok Outsider
Horned DevilRPTok Outsider
Hound ArchonRPTok Outsider
11th-Level Paladin Hound Archon HeroRPTok Outsider
HowlerRPTok Outsider
Ice DevilRPTok Outsider
ImpRPTok Outsider
InfernalRPTok Outsider
JanniRPTok Outsider
JarilithRPTok Outsider
JovocRPTok Outsider
KakkuuRPTok Outsider
KelvezuRPTok Outsider
Lantern ArchonRPTok Outsider
LeonalRPTok Outsider
LillendRPTok Outsider
LupinalRPTok Outsider
LycosidilithRPTok Outsider
MalebrancheRPTok Outsider
MarilithRPTok Outsider
MarraenolothRPTok Outsider
MarrashRPTok Outsider
Air MephitRPTok Outsider
Dust MephitRPTok Outsider
Earth MephitRPTok Outsider
Fire MephitRPTok Outsider
Ice MephitRPTok Outsider
Magma MephitRPTok Outsider
Ooze MephitRPTok Outsider
Salt MephitRPTok Outsider
Steam MephitRPTok Outsider
Water MephitRPTok Outsider
MercaneRPTok Outsider
Minotaur of LegendRPTok Outsider
NalfeshneeRPTok Outsider
Nessian WarhoundRPTok Outsider
Night HagRPTok Outsider
NightmareRPTok Outsider
Cauchemar NightmareRPTok Outsider
PalretheeRPTok Outsider
PhaethonRPTok Outsider
PhaneRPTok Outsider
PhisarazuRPTok Outsider
Pit FiendRPTok Outsider
Pseudonatural TrollRPTok Outsider
QuasitRPTok Outsider
Queen of ChaosRPTok Outsider
RaklupisRPTok Outsider
RakshasaRPTok Outsider
RastRPTok Outsider
RavidRPTok Outsider
Red SlaadRPTok Outsider
RukarazyllRPTok Outsider
Average SalamanderRPTok Outsider
Flamebrother SalamanderRPTok Outsider
Noble SalamanderRPTok Outsider
Shadow MastiffRPTok Outsider
SpithrikuRPTok Outsider
SuccubusRPTok Outsider
SylphRPTok Outsider
1st-Level Warrior TieflingRPTok Outsider
TitanRPTok Outsider
Elder TitanRPTok Outsider
Adult TojanidaRPTok Outsider
Elder TojanidaRPTok Outsider
Juvenile TojanidaRPTok Outsider
TritonRPTok Outsider
Trumpet ArchonRPTok Outsider
UvuudaumRPTok Outsider
VaporighuRPTok Outsider
VargouilleRPTok Outsider
VrockRPTok Outsider
XillRPTok Outsider
XixecalRPTok Outsider
Average XornRPTok Outsider
Elder XornRPTok Outsider
Minor XornRPTok Outsider
YagnolothRPTok Outsider
Yeth HoundRPTok Outsider
ZovvutRPTok Outsider