Power Points10
RangeSpecific move
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typetough
Red Machine
Gold MachineTM03
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White Machine
BattleGhosts pay half their max HP to hurt the target every turn. Others decrease Speed but raise Attack and Defense.
ContestUser will go last next turn.

See detailed breeding chart.

Bulbasaur Grass Poison E
Ivysaur Grass Poison P
Venusaur Grass Poison P
Zubat Poison Flying E
Golbat Poison Flying P
Geodude Rock Ground E
Graveler Rock Ground P
Golem Rock Ground P
Slowpoke Water Psychic 1
Slowbro Water Psychic 1 P
Farfetch'd Normal Flying E
Grimer Poison E
Muk Poison P
Gastly Ghost Poison 12
Haunter Ghost Poison 12 P
Gengar Ghost Poison 12 P
Onix Rock Ground 46
Exeggcute Grass Psychic E
Exeggutor Grass Psychic P
Lickitung Normal E
Koffing Poison E
Weezing Poison P
Rhyhorn Ground Rock E
Rhydon Ground Rock P
Lapras Water Ice E
Eevee Normal E
Vaporeon Water P
Jolteon Electric P
Flareon Fire P
Aerodactyl Rock Flying E
Snorlax Normal EP
Crobat Poison Flying P
Sudowoodo Rock EP
Sunkern Grass E
Sunflora Grass P
Wooper Water Ground E
Quagsire Water Ground P
Espeon Psychic P
Umbreon Dark P
Slowking Water Psychic 1 P
Misdreavus Ghost E
Dunsparce Normal E
Steelix Steel Ground 46 P
Slugma Fire E
Magcargo Fire Rock P
Swinub Ice Ground E
Piloswine Ice Ground P
Corsola Water Rock E
Skarmory Steel Flying E
Miltank Normal E
Larvitar Rock Ground E
Pupitar Rock Ground P
Tyranitar Rock Dark P
Torchic Fire E
Combusken Fire Fighting P
Blaziken Fire Fighting P
Mudkip Water E
Marshtomp Water Ground P
Swampert Water Ground P
Slakoth Normal E
Vigoroth Normal P
Slaking Normal P
Aron Steel Rock E
Lairon Steel Rock P
Aggron Steel Rock P
Electrike Electric E
Manectric Electric P
Gulpin Poison E
Swalot Poison P
Wailmer Water E
Wailord Water P
Torkoal Fire 12
Zangoose Normal E
Lileep Rock Grass E
Cradily Rock Grass P
Anorith Rock Bug E
Armaldo Rock Bug P
Shuppet Ghost 13
Banette Ghost 1 P
Banette Ghost 13 P
Duskull Ghost 30
Dusclops Ghost 30 P
Tropius Grass Flying E
Chimecho Psychic EP
Absol Dark E
Spheal Ice Water E
Sealeo Ice Water P
Walrein Ice Water P
Regirock Rock 17
Regice Ice 17
Registeel Steel 17
Turtwig Grass 17
Grotle Grass 17 P
Torterra Grass Ground 17 P
Bidoof Normal 45
Bibarel Normal Water 53 P
Cranidos Rock E
Rampardos Rock P
Shieldon Rock Steel E
Bastiodon Rock Steel P
Shellos Water E
Gastrodon Water Ground P
Mismagius Ghost P
Chingling Psychic E
Bonsly Rock E
Spiritomb Ghost Dark 1
Munchlax Normal E
Hippopotas Ground E
Hippowdon Ground P
Lickilicky Normal P
Rhyperior Ground Rock P
Leafeon Grass P
Glaceon Ice P
Mamoswine Ice Ground P
Dusknoir Ghost 30 P
Tepig Fire E
Pignite Fire Fighting P
Emboar Fire Fighting P
Munna Psychic E
Musharna Psychic P
Roggenrola Rock E
Boldore Rock P
Gigalith Rock P
Dwebble Bug Rock E
Crustle Bug Rock P
Yamask Ghost 29
Cofagrigus Ghost 29 P
Tirtouga Water Rock 35
Carracosta Water Rock 35 P
Trubbish Poison E
Garbodor Poison P
Ferroseed Grass Steel 9
Ferrothorn Grass Steel 1 P
Ferrothorn Grass Steel 9 P
Litwick Ghost Fire 43
Lampent Ghost Fire 45 P
Chandelure Ghost Fire P
Shelmet Bug 13
Accelgor Bug P
Stunfisk Ground Electric E
Golett Ground Ghost 40
Golurk Ground Ghost 40 P
Heatmor Fire E