Power Points20
RangeUser's field
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typesmart
Red MachineTM33
Gold Machine
Ruby MachineTM33
Diamond MachineTM33
Black/White MachineTM33
BattleReduces damage from physical attacks by half.
ContestPrevents jamming for the rest of this turn.

See detailed breeding chart.

Deoxys Psychic M
Deoxys Psychic M
Deoxys Psychic M
Rotom Electric Water M
Rotom Electric Ice M
Rotom Electric Fire M
Rotom Electric Flying M
Rotom Electric Grass M
Clefairy Normal M
Clefable Normal M
Jigglypuff Normal M
Wigglytuff Normal M
Abra Psychic M
Kadabra Psychic 30 M
Alakazam Psychic 30 PM
Bellsprout Grass Poison M
Weepinbell Grass Poison M
Victreebel Grass Poison M
Magnemite Electric Steel M
Magneton Electric Steel M
Drowzee Psychic M
Hypno Psychic M
Exeggcute Grass Psychic 7 M
Exeggutor Grass Psychic PM
Tangela Grass M
Staryu Water M
Starmie Water Psychic M
Mr. Mime Psychic 22 PM
Jynx Ice Psychic M
Articuno Ice Flying 50 M
Mewtwo Psychic M
Mew Psychic M
Chikorita Grass 17 M
Bayleef Grass 18 PM
Meganium Grass 18 PM
Hoothoot Normal Flying 17 M
Noctowl Normal Flying 17 PM
Ledyba Bug Flying 14 M
Ledian Bug Flying 14 PM
Cleffa Normal M
Igglybuff Normal M
Togepi Normal M
Togetic Normal Flying M
Natu Psychic Flying M
Xatu Psychic Flying M
Hoppip Grass Flying M
Skiploom Grass Flying M
Jumpluff Grass Flying M
Espeon Psychic M
Girafarig Normal Psychic M
Pineco Bug M
Forretress Bug Steel M
Snubbull Normal M
Granbull Normal M
Sneasel Dark Ice M
Slugma Fire M
Magcargo Fire Rock M
Swinub Ice Ground M
Piloswine Ice Ground M
Corsola Water Rock M
Stantler Normal M
Smoochum Ice Psychic M
Raikou Electric 36 M
Entei Fire M
Suicune Water M
Lugia Psychic Flying M
Ho-Oh Fire Flying M
Celebi Psychic Grass M
Ralts Psychic M
Kirlia Psychic M
Gardevoir Psychic M
Meditite Fighting Psychic M
Medicham Fighting Psychic M
Spoink Psychic M
Grumpig Psychic M
Lunatone Rock Psychic M
Solrock Rock Psychic M
Baltoy Ground Psychic M
Claydol Ground Psychic M
Chimecho Psychic M
Metang Steel Psychic M
Metagross Steel Psychic M
Latias Dragon Psychic M
Latios Dragon Psychic M
Jirachi Steel Psychic M
Deoxys Psychic M
Turtwig Grass M
Grotle Grass M
Torterra Grass Ground M
Chingling Psychic M
Bronzor Steel Psychic M
Bronzong Steel Psychic M
Mime Jr. Psychic 22 M
Weavile Dark Ice M
Magnezone Electric Steel M
Tangrowth Grass M
Togekiss Normal Flying M
Mamoswine Ice Ground M
Gallade Psychic Fighting M
Rotom Electric Ghost M
Uxie Psychic M
Mesprit Psychic M
Azelf Psychic M
Cresselia Psychic M
Manaphy Water M
Arceus Normal M
Snivy Grass M
Servine Grass M
Serperior Grass M
Munna Psychic M
Musharna Psychic M
Woobat Psychic Flying M
Swoobat Psychic Flying M
Audino Normal M
Leavanny Bug Grass M
Sigilyph Psychic Flying 28 M
Gothita Psychic M
Gothorita Psychic M
Gothitelle Psychic M
Solosis Psychic 3 M
Duosion Psychic 1 PM
Duosion Psychic 3 PM
Reuniclus Psychic 1 PM
Reuniclus Psychic 3 PM
Elgyem Psychic M
Beheeyem Psychic M
Cryogonal Ice 37 M
Mienfoo Fighting M
Mienshao Fighting M
Hydreigon Dark Dragon M
Cobalion Steel Fighting M
Terrakion Rock Fighting M
Virizion Grass Fighting M
Reshiram Dragon Fire M
Zekrom Dragon Electric M
Kyurem Dragon Ice M
Keldeo Water Fighting M
Genesect Bug Steel M