Power Points20
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typesmart
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby MachineTM12
Diamond MachineTM12
Black/White MachineTM12
BattleFor the next few turns, the target can only use damaging moves.
ContestAttempts to make all following Pokemon nervous (and thus unable to appeal).

See detailed breeding chart.

Deoxys Psychic 25 M
Deoxys Psychic M
Deoxys Psychic M
Basculin Water M
Darmanitan Fire Psychic 39 M
Rattata Normal M
Raticate Normal M
Nidoqueen Poison Ground M
Nidoking Poison Ground M
Zubat Poison Flying M
Golbat Poison Flying M
Meowth Normal 25 M
Persian Normal 25 PM
Mankey Fighting M
Primeape Fighting M
Abra Psychic M
Kadabra Psychic M
Alakazam Psychic M
Dodrio Normal Flying M
Grimer Poison M
Muk Poison M
Gastly Ghost Poison M
Haunter Ghost Poison M
Gengar Ghost Poison M
Onix Rock Ground M
Drowzee Psychic M
Hypno Psychic M
Voltorb Electric M
Electrode Electric M
Koffing Poison M
Weezing Poison M
Mr. Mime Psychic M
Jynx Ice Psychic M
Gyarados Water Flying M
Aerodactyl Rock Flying M
Mewtwo Psychic M
Mew Psychic M
Crobat Poison Flying M
Sudowoodo Rock M
Aipom Normal M
Umbreon Dark M
Murkrow Dark Flying 31 M
Misdreavus Ghost M
Gligar Ground Flying M
Steelix Steel Ground M
Snubbull Normal M
Granbull Normal M
Qwilfish Water Poison M
Sneasel Dark Ice 1 M
Teddiursa Normal M
Ursaring Normal M
Skarmory Steel Flying M
Houndour Dark Fire M
Houndoom Dark Fire M
Larvitar Rock Ground M
Pupitar Rock Ground M
Tyranitar Rock Dark M
Poochyena Dark 37 M
Mightyena Dark 42 PM
Ralts Psychic M
Kirlia Psychic M
Gardevoir Psychic M
Vigoroth Normal M
Slaking Normal M
Loudred Normal M
Exploud Normal M
Nosepass Rock M
Sableye Dark Ghost M
Mawile Steel M
Aggron Steel Rock M
Carvanha Water Dark M
Sharpedo Water Dark 40 M
Spoink Psychic M
Grumpig Psychic M
Zangoose Normal 35 M
Seviper Poison M
Corphish Water 32 M
Crawdaunt Water Dark 34 PM
Shuppet Ghost M
Banette Ghost M
Duskull Ghost M
Dusclops Ghost M
Chimecho Psychic M
Absol Dark 9 M
Glalie Ice M
Deoxys Psychic M
Chimchar Fire 9 M
Monferno Fire Fighting 9 PM
Infernape Fire Fighting 1 PM
Infernape Fire Fighting 9 PM
Bidoof Normal M
Bibarel Normal Water M
Kricketune Bug 38 M
Shieldon Rock Steel 6 M
Bastiodon Rock Steel 1 PM
Bastiodon Rock Steel 6 PM
Floatzel Water M
Ambipom Normal M
Mismagius Ghost M
Honchkrow Dark Flying PM
Glameow Normal M
Purugly Normal M
Chingling Psychic M
Stunky Poison Dark M
Skuntank Poison Dark M
Mime Jr. Psychic M
Chatot Normal Flying 25 M
Spiritomb Ghost Dark M
Skorupi Poison Bug M
Drapion Poison Dark M
Croagunk Poison Fighting 10 M
Toxicroak Poison Fighting 10 PM
Weavile Dark Ice 1 PM
Electivire Electric M
Magmortar Fire M
Gliscor Ground Flying M
Gallade Psychic Fighting M
Probopass Rock Steel M
Dusknoir Ghost M
Froslass Ice Ghost M
Azelf Psychic M
Heatran Fire Steel M
Darkrai Dark M
Victini Psychic Fire M
Snivy Grass M
Servine Grass M
Serperior Grass M
Tepig Fire M
Pignite Fire Fighting M
Emboar Fire Fighting M
Oshawott Water M
Dewott Water M
Samurott Water M
Purrloin Dark M
Liepard Dark 38 M
Pansage Grass M
Simisage Grass M
Pansear Fire M
Simisear Fire M
Panpour Water 25 M
Simipour Water PM
Pidove Normal Flying 25 M
Tranquill Normal Flying 27 PM
Unfezant Normal Flying 27 PM
Woobat Psychic Flying M
Swoobat Psychic Flying M
Timburr Fighting M
Gurdurr Fighting M
Conkeldurr Fighting M
Throh Fighting M
Sawk Fighting M
Cottonee Grass M
Whimsicott Grass M
Basculin Water M
Sandile Ground Dark M
Krokorok Ground Dark M
Krookodile Ground Dark M
Darumaka Fire 35 M
Darmanitan Fire 39 PM
Scraggy Dark Fighting M
Scrafty Dark Fighting M
Archen Rock Flying M
Archeops Rock Flying M
Zorua Dark 25 M
Zoroark Dark 25 PM
Gothita Psychic M
Gothorita Psychic M
Gothitelle Psychic M
Vanillite Ice 22 M
Vanillish Ice 22 PM
Vanilluxe Ice 22 PM
Emolga Electric Flying M
Frillish Water Ghost M
Jellicent Water Ghost M
Litwick Ghost Fire M
Lampent Ghost Fire M
Chandelure Ghost Fire M
Axew Dragon 36 M
Fraxure Dragon 36 PM
Haxorus Dragon 36 PM
Beartic Ice M
Mienfoo Fighting M
Mienshao Fighting M
Druddigon Dragon M
Pawniard Dark Steel M
Bisharp Dark Steel M
Bouffalant Normal M
Vullaby Dark Flying M
Mandibuzz Dark Flying M
Heatmor Fire M
Deino Dark Dragon M
Zweilous Dark Dragon M
Hydreigon Dark Dragon M
Cobalion Steel Fighting M
Terrakion Rock Fighting M
Virizion Grass Fighting M
Tornadus Flying M
Thundurus Electric Flying M
Keldeo Water Fighting M