Power Points10
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typetough
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond MachineTM56
Black/White MachineTM56
BattleThrows held item at the target; power depends on the item.

See detailed breeding chart.

Deoxys Psychic M
Deoxys Psychic M
Deoxys Psychic M
Darmanitan Fire Psychic M
Meloetta Normal Fighting M
Charmander Fire M
Charmeleon Fire M
Charizard Fire Flying M
Squirtle Water M
Wartortle Water M
Blastoise Water M
Pikachu Electric M
Raichu Electric M
Sandshrew Ground M
Sandslash Ground M
Nidoqueen Poison Ground M
Nidoking Poison Ground M
Clefairy Normal M
Clefable Normal M
Jigglypuff Normal M
Wigglytuff Normal M
Gloom Grass Poison M
Vileplume Grass Poison M
Psyduck Water M
Golduck Water M
Mankey Fighting M
Primeape Fighting 1 M
Poliwhirl Water M
Poliwrath Water Fighting M
Abra Psychic M
Kadabra Psychic M
Alakazam Psychic M
Machop Fighting M
Machoke Fighting M
Machamp Fighting M
Geodude Rock Ground M
Graveler Rock Ground M
Golem Rock Ground M
Slowbro Water Psychic M
Seel Water M
Dewgong Water Ice M
Grimer Poison 28 M
Muk Poison 28 PM
Haunter Ghost Poison M
Gengar Ghost Poison M
Drowzee Psychic M
Hypno Psychic M
Krabby Water M
Kingler Water M
Cubone Ground 33 M
Marowak Ground 37 PM
Hitmonlee Fighting M
Hitmonchan Fighting M
Lickitung Normal M
Rhydon Ground Rock M
Chansey Normal 34 M
Kangaskhan Normal M
Mr. Mime Psychic M
Jynx Ice Psychic M
Electabuzz Electric M
Magmar Fire M
Pinsir Bug M
Snorlax Normal PM
Dragonite Dragon Flying M
Mewtwo Psychic M
Mew Psychic M
Typhlosion Fire M
Totodile Water M
Croconaw Water M
Feraligatr Water M
Sentret Normal M
Furret Normal M
Ledyba Bug Flying M
Ledian Bug Flying M
Pichu Electric M
Cleffa Normal M
Igglybuff Normal M
Togepi Normal M
Togetic Normal Flying M
Flaaffy Electric M
Ampharos Electric M
Bellossom Grass M
Marill Water M
Azumarill Water M
Sudowoodo Rock M
Politoed Water M
Aipom Normal 36 M
Quagsire Water Ground M
Slowking Water Psychic M
Gligar Ground Flying M
Snubbull Normal M
Granbull Normal M
Scizor Bug Steel M
Heracross Bug Fighting M
Sneasel Dark Ice M
Teddiursa Normal 57 M
Ursaring Normal PM
Delibird Ice Flying M
Smoochum Ice Psychic M
Elekid Electric M
Magby Fire M
Miltank Normal M
Blissey Normal 34 PM
Tyranitar Rock Dark M
Celebi Psychic Grass M
Treecko Grass M
Grovyle Grass M
Sceptile Grass M
Combusken Fire Fighting M
Blaziken Fire Fighting M
Marshtomp Water Ground M
Swampert Water Ground M
Zigzagoon Normal 49 M
Linoone Normal 65 PM
Lombre Water Grass M
Ludicolo Water Grass M
Nuzleaf Grass Dark M
Shiftry Grass Dark M
Pelipper Water Flying 43 M
Ralts Psychic M
Kirlia Psychic M
Gardevoir Psychic M
Breloom Grass Fighting M
Slakoth Normal M
Vigoroth Normal M
Slaking Normal 55 M
Whismur Normal M
Loudred Normal M
Exploud Normal M
Makuhita Fighting M
Hariyama Fighting M
Sableye Dark Ghost M
Mawile Steel M
Aggron Steel Rock M
Meditite Fighting Psychic M
Medicham Fighting Psychic M
Plusle Electric M
Minun Electric M
Volbeat Bug M
Illumise Bug M
Grumpig Psychic M
Spinda Normal M
Cacnea Grass M
Cacturne Grass Dark M
Zangoose Normal M
Corphish Water M
Crawdaunt Water Dark M
Kecleon Normal M
Banette Ghost M
Duskull Ghost M
Dusclops Ghost M
Regirock Rock M
Regice Ice M
Registeel Steel M
Groudon Ground M
Rayquaza Dragon Flying M
Jirachi Steel Psychic M
Deoxys Psychic M
Chimchar Fire M
Monferno Fire Fighting M
Infernape Fire Fighting M
Piplup Water M
Prinplup Water M
Empoleon Water Steel M
Bibarel Normal Water M
Cranidos Rock M
Rampardos Rock M
Vespiquen Bug Flying M
Pachirisu Electric M
Ambipom Normal 36 PM
Buneary Normal M
Lopunny Normal M
Mime Jr. Psychic M
Happiny Normal M
Garchomp Dragon Ground M
Munchlax Normal 41 M
Riolu Fighting M
Lucario Fighting Steel M
Skorupi Poison Bug M
Drapion Poison Dark M
Croagunk Poison Fighting M
Toxicroak Poison Fighting M
Carnivine Grass M
Abomasnow Grass Ice M
Weavile Dark Ice 42 M
Lickilicky Normal M
Rhyperior Ground Rock M
Tangrowth Grass M
Electivire Electric M
Magmortar Fire M
Togekiss Normal Flying M
Gliscor Ground Flying M
Gallade Psychic Fighting M
Dusknoir Ghost M
Froslass Ice Ghost M
Uxie Psychic M
Mesprit Psychic M
Azelf Psychic M
Palkia Water Dragon M
Regigigas Normal M
Phione Water M
Manaphy Water M
Darkrai Dark M
Victini Psychic Fire M
Pignite Fire Fighting M
Emboar Fire Fighting M
Oshawott Water M
Dewott Water M
Samurott Water M
Patrat Normal M
Watchog Normal M
Pansage Grass 28 M
Simisage Grass PM
Pansear Fire 28 M
Simisear Fire PM
Panpour Water 28 M
Simipour Water PM
Drilbur Ground M
Excadrill Ground Steel M
Audino Normal M
Timburr Fighting M
Gurdurr Fighting M
Conkeldurr Fighting M
Seismitoad Water Ground M
Throh Fighting M
Sawk Fighting M
Whimsicott Grass M
Krokorok Ground Dark M
Krookodile Ground Dark M
Darumaka Fire M
Darmanitan Fire M
Scraggy Dark Fighting M
Scrafty Dark Fighting M
Garbodor Poison M
Zorua Dark M
Zoroark Dark M
Minccino Normal M
Cinccino Normal M
Gothita Psychic M
Gothorita Psychic M
Gothitelle Psychic M
Reuniclus Psychic M
Emolga Electric Flying M
Axew Dragon M
Fraxure Dragon M
Haxorus Dragon M
Cubchoo Ice M
Beartic Ice M
Mienfoo Fighting M
Mienshao Fighting M
Druddigon Dragon M
Golett Ground Ghost M
Golurk Ground Ghost M
Pawniard Dark Steel M
Bisharp Dark Steel M
Heatmor Fire M
Tornadus Flying M
Thundurus Electric Flying M
Reshiram Dragon Fire M
Zekrom Dragon Electric M
Landorus Ground Flying M
Kyurem Dragon Ice M
Meloetta Normal Psychic M