Hyper Beam

NameHyper Beam
Power Points5
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typecool
Red MachineTM15
Gold MachineTM15
Ruby MachineTM15
Diamond MachineTM15
Black/White MachineTM15
BattleUser foregoes its next turn to recharge.
ContestAttempts to jam the other Pokemon. The user cannot make an appeal on the next turn, but it cannot be jammed either.

See detailed breeding chart.

Deoxys Psychic 97 M
Deoxys Psychic M
Deoxys Psychic M
Wormadam Bug Ground M
Wormadam Bug Steel M
Shaymin Grass Flying M
Giratina Ghost Dragon M
Darmanitan Fire Psychic M
Meloetta Normal Fighting M
Venusaur Grass Poison M
Charizard Fire Flying M
Blastoise Water M
Butterfree Bug Flying M
Beedrill Bug Poison M
Pidgeot Normal Flying M
Raticate Normal M
Fearow Normal Flying M
Arbok Poison M
Raichu Electric M
Sandslash Ground M
Nidoqueen Poison Ground M
Nidoking Poison Ground M
Clefable Normal M
Ninetales Fire M
Wigglytuff Normal M
Golbat Poison Flying M
Vileplume Grass Poison M
Parasect Bug Grass M
Venomoth Bug Poison M
Dugtrio Ground M
Persian Normal M
Golduck Water M
Primeape Fighting M
Arcanine Fire M
Poliwrath Water Fighting M
Alakazam Psychic M
Machamp Fighting M
Victreebel Grass Poison M
Tentacruel Water Poison M
Golem Rock Ground M
Rapidash Fire M
Slowbro Water Psychic M
Magneton Electric Steel M
Dodrio Normal Flying M
Dewgong Water Ice M
Muk Poison M
Cloyster Water Ice M
Gengar Ghost Poison M
Hypno Psychic M
Kingler Water M
Electrode Electric M
Exeggutor Grass Psychic M
Marowak Ground M
Lickitung Normal M
Weezing Poison M
Rhydon Ground Rock M
Chansey Normal M
Tangela Grass M
Kangaskhan Normal M
Seadra Water M
Seaking Water M
Starmie Water Psychic M
Mr. Mime Psychic M
Scyther Bug Flying M
Jynx Ice Psychic M
Electabuzz Electric M
Magmar Fire M
Pinsir Bug M
Tauros Normal M
Gyarados Water Flying 47 M
Lapras Water Ice M
Vaporeon Water M
Jolteon Electric M
Flareon Fire M
Porygon Normal M
Omastar Rock Water M
Kabutops Rock Water M
Aerodactyl Rock Flying 65 M
Snorlax Normal M
Articuno Ice Flying M
Zapdos Electric Flying M
Moltres Fire Flying M
Dratini Dragon 61 M
Dragonair Dragon 75 PM
Dragonite Dragon Flying 75 PM
Mewtwo Psychic M
Mew Psychic M
Meganium Grass M
Typhlosion Fire M
Feraligatr Water M
Furret Normal M
Noctowl Normal Flying M
Ledian Bug Flying M
Ariados Bug Poison M
Crobat Poison Flying M
Lanturn Water Electric M
Togetic Normal Flying M
Xatu Psychic Flying M
Ampharos Electric M
Bellossom Grass M
Azumarill Water M
Politoed Water M
Jumpluff Grass Flying M
Sunflora Grass M
Quagsire Water Ground M
Espeon Psychic M
Umbreon Dark M
Slowking Water Psychic M
Forretress Bug Steel M
Steelix Steel Ground M
Granbull Normal M
Scizor Bug Steel M
Heracross Bug Fighting M
Ursaring Normal M
Magcargo Fire Rock M
Piloswine Ice Ground M
Remoraid Water 45 M
Octillery Water 55 PM
Mantine Water Flying M
Houndoom Dark Fire M
Kingdra Water Dragon M
Donphan Ground M
Porygon2 Normal 67 M
Miltank Normal M
Blissey Normal M
Raikou Electric M
Entei Fire M
Suicune Water M
Larvitar Rock Ground 55 M
Pupitar Rock Ground 67 PM
Tyranitar Rock Dark 73 PM
Lugia Psychic Flying M
Ho-Oh Fire Flying M
Celebi Psychic Grass M
Sceptile Grass M
Blaziken Fire Fighting M
Swampert Water Ground M
Mightyena Dark M
Linoone Normal M
Beautifly Bug Flying M
Dustox Bug Poison M
Ludicolo Water Grass M
Nuzleaf Grass Dark M
Shiftry Grass Dark M
Swellow Normal Flying M
Pelipper Water Flying M
Gardevoir Psychic M
Masquerain Bug Flying M
Breloom Grass Fighting M
Slaking Normal M
Ninjask Bug Flying M
Shedinja Bug Ghost M
Exploud Normal 79 M
Hariyama Fighting M
Delcatty Normal M
Mawile Steel M
Aggron Steel Rock M
Medicham Fighting Psychic M
Manectric Electric M
Swalot Poison M
Sharpedo Water Dark M
Wailord Water M
Camerupt Fire Ground M
Torkoal Fire M
Grumpig Psychic M
Trapinch Ground 57 M
Vibrava Ground Dragon 57 PM
Flygon Ground Dragon 57 PM
Cacturne Grass Dark M
Altaria Dragon Flying M
Lunatone Rock Psychic M
Solrock Rock Psychic M
Whiscash Water Ground M
Crawdaunt Water Dark M
Claydol Ground Psychic 36 M
Cradily Rock Grass M
Armaldo Rock Bug M
Milotic Water M
Banette Ghost M
Dusclops Ghost M
Tropius Grass Flying M
Absol Dark M
Glalie Ice M
Walrein Ice Water M
Huntail Water M
Gorebyss Water M
Relicanth Water Rock M
Salamence Dragon Flying M
Metang Steel Psychic 56 M
Metagross Steel Psychic 71 PM
Regirock Rock 89 M
Regice Ice 89 M
Registeel Steel 89 M
Latias Dragon Psychic M
Latios Dragon Psychic M
Kyogre Water M
Groudon Ground M
Rayquaza Dragon Flying 80 M
Jirachi Steel Psychic M
Deoxys Psychic 97 M
Torterra Grass Ground M
Infernape Fire Fighting M
Empoleon Water Steel M
Staraptor Normal Flying M
Bibarel Normal Water M
Kricketune Bug M
Luxray Electric M
Roserade Grass Poison M
Rampardos Rock M
Bastiodon Rock Steel M
Wormadam Bug Grass M
Mothim Bug Flying M
Vespiquen Bug Flying M
Floatzel Water M
Cherrim Grass M
Gastrodon Water Ground M
Ambipom Normal M
Drifblim Ghost Flying M
Lopunny Normal M
Mismagius Ghost M
Honchkrow Dark Flying M
Purugly Normal M
Skuntank Poison Dark M
Bronzong Steel Psychic M
Spiritomb Ghost Dark M
Garchomp Dragon Ground M
Lucario Fighting Steel M
Hippowdon Ground M
Drapion Poison Dark M
Toxicroak Poison Fighting M
Carnivine Grass M
Lumineon Water M
Abomasnow Grass Ice M
Weavile Dark Ice M
Magnezone Electric Steel M
Lickilicky Normal M
Rhyperior Ground Rock M
Tangrowth Grass M
Electivire Electric M
Magmortar Fire 68 M
Togekiss Normal Flying M
Yanmega Bug Flying M
Leafeon Grass M
Glaceon Ice M
Gliscor Ground Flying M
Mamoswine Ice Ground M
Porygon-Z Normal 67 PM
Gallade Psychic Fighting M
Probopass Rock Steel M
Dusknoir Ghost M
Froslass Ice Ghost M
Uxie Psychic M
Mesprit Psychic M
Azelf Psychic M
Dialga Steel Dragon M
Palkia Water Dragon M
Heatran Fire Steel M
Regigigas Normal M
Giratina Ghost Dragon M
Cresselia Psychic M
Manaphy Water M
Darkrai Dark M
Shaymin Grass M
Arceus Normal 80 M
Victini Psychic Fire M
Serperior Grass M
Emboar Fire Fighting M
Samurott Water M
Watchog Normal M
Stoutland Normal M
Liepard Dark M
Simisage Grass M
Simisear Fire M
Simipour Water M
Musharna Psychic M
Unfezant Normal Flying M
Zebstrika Electric M
Gigalith Rock M
Swoobat Psychic Flying M
Excadrill Ground Steel M
Audino Normal M
Conkeldurr Fighting M
Seismitoad Water Ground M
Leavanny Bug Grass M
Scolipede Bug Poison M
Whimsicott Grass M
Lilligant Grass M
Krookodile Ground Dark M
Darmanitan Fire M
Crustle Bug Rock M
Scrafty Dark Fighting M
Sigilyph Psychic Flying M
Cofagrigus Ghost M
Carracosta Water Rock M
Archeops Rock Flying M
Garbodor Poison M
Zoroark Dark M
Cinccino Normal M
Gothitelle Psychic M
Reuniclus Psychic M
Swanna Water Flying M
Vanilluxe Ice M
Sawsbuck Normal Grass M
Escavalier Bug Steel M
Amoonguss Grass Poison M
Jellicent Water Ghost M
Galvantula Bug Electric M
Ferrothorn Grass Steel M
Klink Steel 57 M
Klang Steel 64 PM
Klinklang Steel 72 PM
Eelektross Electric M
Beheeyem Psychic M
Chandelure Ghost Fire M
Haxorus Dragon M
Beartic Ice M
Cryogonal Ice M
Accelgor Bug M
Mienshao Fighting M
Druddigon Dragon M
Golurk Ground Ghost M
Bisharp Dark Steel M
Braviary Normal Flying M
Mandibuzz Dark Flying M
Hydreigon Dark Dragon M
Volcarona Bug Fire M
Cobalion Steel Fighting M
Terrakion Rock Fighting M
Virizion Grass Fighting M
Tornadus Flying M
Thundurus Electric Flying M
Reshiram Dragon Fire M
Zekrom Dragon Electric M
Landorus Ground Flying M
Kyurem Dragon Ice M
Keldeo Water Fighting M
Meloetta Normal Psychic M
Genesect Bug Steel 73 M